Hair syrup is a trick for less than 20 euros so that it is beautiful and shiny


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Is it sufficient to put the syrup in the hair until it becomes soft, strong and radiant with health? Anyway, that’s what the new hair trend is calling for.

We already know the benefits of vinegar on hair to increase shine, but it seems that another natural remedy, sweetened this time, has the same shine effect on hair and more! Even if you don’t find it in your kitchen cabinets—unless, of course, you try a homemade recipe by mixing the few ingredients we’ll mention below—this natural remedy has it all: hydrates, nourishes, strengthens and illuminates hair as well as controls frizz and promotes hair growth.

It is ‘hair drink From the Hair Syrup brand, a ready-to-use hair care product that can easily be found in the Beauty Bay for less than 20 euros. A clever product that comes alive on social networks and could replace our addiction to rice water to treat our hair… This treatment has a golden liquid texture and a lovely gourmet, yet this treatment was well born out of a DIY recipe from the brand’s founder, Lucy MacLeod, who sought to find A solution to her problem of brittle and dull hair, which did not grow rapidly during confinement. A period during which we witnessed a real boom in home care.

The natural recipe for a loud product

Named The Original Hair Syrup in reference to the original mixture the young woman invented, this sweet hair treatment is ultimately nothing sticky but its success (which sticks to the bottle!). According to the people who tested it, it is very similar to the care oil. And when we know it is Made with apricot, argan, jojoba and tomato seedsIts stature is not surprising. This no longer well-kept secret to perfectly healthy, ultra-shiny hair, is above all a rejuvenating treatment like no other. It has become a best-selling product thanks to its ability to transform hair, and the fact that it is suitable for all hair types obviously has a lot to do with it.

Since its creation, the recipe has been so successful that it has also been reviewed and rejected in various forms. The key is a hair syrup that delivers specific actions enhanced by several flavor options: lemon to detox, peppermint to refine, and grapefruit to grow. Gourmet but not only, it is especially effective according to netizens who swear by it for having beautiful hair.

Hair syrup – the original oil for shampoo care

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How do you use the syrup for hair?

Far from being a hair care oil among many others, this product is actually a must-do treatment. Before shampooing, rinse hair. So it is used on dry hair, and left to rest for a few hours before washing so that the ingredients have time to re-strengthen the hair fiber. More precisely, you should apply the syrup from roots to ends, then two shampoos in a row to remove all residue before finishing the rest of your skincare routine as usual.

So putting syrup in your hair is not a crazy idea at all!

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