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In the face of a heat wave, a British film brand has decided to allow redheads to enter its air-conditioned rooms. The brand bases its publicity stunt on the fact that redheads are more likely to get skin cancer from the sun’s rays.

The heat wave that has swept Europe in recent days has not spared our neighbors across the Canal. Britain already set a new temperature record on Tuesday of more than 40 degrees in Heathrow, west of the capital, while London was stifling below 39 degrees. “We are still seeing exceptional temperatures in the UK today and it is important that people prepare for the heat and consider changing their habits,” Neil Armstrong, the Bureau of Meteorology’s chief meteorologist, alerted Tuesday, adding that such a level of heat “It may have adverse health effects.”

Faced with these extraordinary weather conditions bound to be repeated due to climate change, British brand Showcase Cinemas has decided to kill two birds with one stone: to allow all redheads to go to their air-conditioned cinemas for free on Monday. And on Tuesday at the height of the heat wave, thus providing good publicity. “Free tickets for redheads on the hottest day ever” (“Free tickets for redheads on the hottest day ever”) He reads an Instagram post from the channel illustrated with actors Emma Stone, Rupert Grint, and Karen Gillan (all redheads). “Because redheads are often more exposed than others to the sun, we provide them with sun protection inside our fully air-conditioned cinemas,” Showcase Cinemas explains in a press release.

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Redheads, who represent 1 to 2% of the world’s population (a figure that rises to 6% in Great Britain according to Reuters), are they really more exposed to the sun? A study published in 2016 in a prestigious journal write contactsAnd the It concludes that genetic variants that produce red hair and light skin with freckles were associated with a higher number of mutations that lead to skin cancer. UV exposure from the sun and tanning beds damages DNA, and scientists believe the type of skin pigment associated with redheads may allow more UV rays to reach the DNA.

On social networks, most netizens welcomed the cinema brand’s initiative, believing that it was “funny idea” To help deal with extreme heat. Others, on the contrary, considered it discriminatory. “It’s awful! And very insulting. It’s “fun marketing” disguised as racism.” The user protests. Some preferred to view the offer as a small payment for people in financial hardship. “With the cost of living crisis, you have to take what you can get when it comes to entertainment,” testify to Washington PostLucy McCollum, a 29-year-old red-haired woman living in Sheffield, Northern England. “A free ticket is a free ticket”, abound Luke Young, 31 years old.

In Great Britain, going to the cinema is expensive: an adult ticket costs about 12 pounds (14 euros) and can reach 23 pounds (27 euros) depending on the film and the level of comfort chosen (chair, etc.). However, in June, the annual inflation rate in the UK was 9.4%, its highest level in forty years. Topic of contention: Rising food and energy prices due to the consequences of Brexit, the epidemic and the war in Ukraine. The Bank of England estimates it could rise to more than 11% by the end of the year, buoyed by the Russian invasion, the surge in gas prices it caused, and a very tense business. “Inflation is likely to remain elevated for the rest of the year, reducing already very weak household income,” he said. AFP confirms Anna Leach, an economist at CBI, Britain’s largest employers’ organisation.

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