15 Hair Color Inspirations

The arctic blonde It is the summer hair trend. While in winter we transition to darker colors, the summer period gives us the urge to switch to brighter hair.

This color befitting the greatest Hollywood actresses adapts to all hair types whether long or short, wavy or straight, and the result is insane! Although some celebrities and influencers (such as Noholita) I actually embraced this trend some time ago, and it looks like this color will be making a comeback this summer.

Platinum blonde color for whom?

Of course, Scandinavian beauties with fair skin and blue eyes are often the ones who sport hair colors like arctic blond. This platinum blonde, almost white, will know how to sublimate somewhat fair skin. Also, we recommend it more for women with a lighter base of hair to avoid the unsightly dark root effect as much as possible. If you have dark hair and dark skin, make an appointment with a hairstylist who can best advise you. The expert will likely advise you to lighten your base a bit, leave a patina, and finally finish with a sweep of arctic blonde, hazel blonde highlights, tie and dye Nordic blonde, or even shaded ash blonde hair.

How do you get arctic blonde color?

There are several ways to allow a good result: Sweeping, highlights, tie and dye, shaded hair or the total discoloration. the difference ? The Balayage, highlights, tie, dye and shade hair Don’t cover your hair completely, which will create the effect of depth, explains expert Estelle Reemen, hairstylist in Paris: ” With vacuuming, we will leave very little of the natural hair behind but it will still be visible and will create that depth. “.

While overall a color, it provides a cooler blonde: ” With the color change on all the hair, we get a uniform blonde after going through the patina box in order to get the coldest blonde possible ’ explains the expert. Be careful, it is better to seek advice from a professional hairdresser to avoid damaging the hair. Especially if you have naturally dark hair.

How to make a polar blonde yourself at home?

Some women may be tempted to color themselves at home… which we strongly advise against doing. Platinum blond is not easy to do. As a reminder, this is a change in color. A technique in which hair goes through different stages of color: orange, yellow and finally blonde. Thus, getting an arctic blonde is unfortunately not within everyone’s reach. In addition, this fashionable hair color will require the application of a patina for perfect coloring.

How do you maintain your coloration (cool blonde, gray or white)?

Once you have approved a file arctic blonde You have to go to the interview. This then requires taking care of yourself at home, but not only. The products we have at home will not be enough. About every 3 months, remember to make an appointment at the hair salon so your stylist can get an outside look to ensure a hair color that remains dazzling with semi-pearl nuances.

Care product: What is the shampoo for a beautiful arctic blonde?

The goal of providing care in a diligent manner? Avoid at all costs yellow reflections and damaged hair (dry, brittle, dull, etc.). you like it Purple shampoo to maintain color shine. Also, with every hair wash, remember to apply a mask or conditioner. You can also use a hair oil or leave-in treatment every morning and evening.

Finally, know that after this polar blond, the hair becomes very weak. It is therefore highly recommended to avoid external attacks such as heating devices.

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