What is the trendy style to adopt in spring and summer? easy lessons

Curly hair is a blessing and a problem at the same time. Curls are not always set as desired, become too voluminous, or come off fancy. Well, it is very tiring to struggle daily with the structure of your strands, especially in wet weather. Wouldn’t it be better to look for a practical, fashionable and fun hairstyle for your face type and suitable for your lifestyle? Here are some curly hairstyle ideas that you can adopt for your chic Spring Summer 2022 look.

Best Curly Hairstyle Choices for Spring/Summer 2022

Curly short bob hair looks great with long bangs falling to the side. You can straighten the bangs or keep them curly like the rest of the hair. Delicate highlights improve texture and add dimension to your hairstyle.

Big loose waves, medium and bouncy hair, and small bobs go perfectly with the shoulder length cut. Most girls who have naturally curly hair are insecure about bob hairstyles because the curly locks usually get trimmed and not only look shorter than expected, but are also quite voluminous. If your hair is very thick, you can lighten it from the inside for a more attractive hairstyle in the long run.

Short Curly Hairstyle 2022

Long hair also gives you multiple options: defined curls, polished, natural, airy waves, or messy tendrils/braids with or without braiding sections. To lighten long curls, it is recommended to use layers that provide a flawless, airy look for long curly hairstyles.

Romantic curly bun

Chinnon Trend Middle Long Curly Hairstyle 2022

This cake is easy to make. Best of all, it does not require heat treatment.

After air drying the hair and applying the curl-defining cream of your choice, gather the strands into a ponytail halfway between the nape of the neck and the crown of the head. Wrap the ponytail around the base of the hair tie to form a bun. Use three or four bobby pins to hold them in place before spraying hairspray to secure everything. (Don’t worry about the hairline—the flowing strands make the look more relaxed, that is, more romantic.)

Medium Length Curly Hairstyle: High Ponytail

Curly Hairstyle 2022 High Ponytail

The inspiration from the ’90s for lofty hairstyles is very trendy. The beauty of this style is how easy it is to adopt depending on the event. Pair it with glossy lipstick and overalls for an unconventional and casual look. You can also opt for an evening look with cat eyes and an elegant dress. Either way, this pattern takes about three minutes to complete.

Secure your hair with a clip if you need more comfort and volume at the crown. Gather your lengths into a super high ponytail at the top of your head and secure with an elastic band. Place two or three vertical hairpins on the underside of the ponytail to hold the elastic in place. To keep curls looking nice and fresh, enhance the ends with Curl Defining Cream.

Low bun with braids

Natural curly hairstyle tutorial with braid

Here is a genius hairstyle that works especially well for those with naturally curly hair.

Start by braiding all of your hair. This style uses cornstarch, which may require a trip to the salon if you’re not experienced. Next, pull the braids into a low ponytail or bun, leaving a few in before pinning. Wrap the remaining braids around the base of the bun. Secure everything with a few pins.

Low ponytail back

Long curly hairstyle spring summer 2022

The slicked back ponytail resembles its high shape, except that it is positioned at the lower back of the neck. Smooth the strands of the crown of your head with gel, brush them and leave the rest free and curly. Secure everything with bobby pins or an elastic band to hold the pattern in place.

Bantu knot

Curly Bantu Hairstyle Spring/Summer 2022

This is an amazing protective style for naturally curly hair. It is not only stylish, but also healthy for curls. Bantu knots look complicated, but they are easy to do at home with a little practice.

Section your hair into sections where you want to tie the bantu knots. Twist each section of hair into a rope and then wrap it around itself to make a knot. Secure with a bobby pin.

Long Curly Hairstyle: Layered Cut

Curly Hair Trend Hairstyle Idea 2022

Take a good look and you will see that model Solange van Doorn has long bangs framing her face. These inverted layers help to reduce the weight of her entire hair (which can be beneficial because the heavier the hair, the more it can expand and become very round or triangular depending on the wave pattern). Use a curl enhancer for cuts that add volume. Next, wrap your hair in large sections around your finger. Finish this off by spreading and brushing your locks with a hair dryer.

curly tousled hair cut

curly hair haircut 2022

People often think that using a razor is completely wrong with curly hair. But when you want a choppy, tousled look like this one—more plumper towards the roots and curved at the ends—this is the best strategy.

A word of caution: a razor can cause extra frizz if you have very fine hair. Therefore, this technique is intended for looser curls. Use a serum or pomade when the strands are wet and let them dry naturally – don’t touch them.

Short Curly Hairstyle: Cut with Bangs

Short curly hairstyle for spring/summer 2022

Alanna Arrington’s curly hair looks very light and defined. The blunt cut above the shoulders allows for perfectly curled hair around her face. So, what kind of hair is suitable for this style? The textures are wavy to curly so you can better see what the cut and blast look like.

Select each episode, section by section, using a product of your choice. Next, use simple clips on the scalp to maintain volume while your hair dries naturally.

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