What is the trendy short haircut for 2022?

a short hair It gives a look and always brings a super sparkling “je ne sais quoi”. To help you finally take the plunge and cut your lengths, here’s the best of it Short Hair Styles for 2022observed on the catwalks.

Fashionable short story of 2022: the story of her “boyfriend”

This year, this type of square will be in vogue. Seen everywhere, both on social networks and at big rallies, “Boyfriend Bob” is a great mix between a short square and a long square. So it is ideal for all those who cannot choose between the two.
Note this haircut It stops just below the ears and deteriorates in length. “Boyfriend Bob” is ideal for oval, long, round or heart-shaped faces. Square and rectangular faces should turn out to be a long square.

“Blond Hair”, the 2022 short haircut for fine hair

For more than two years, the haircut “Shag” has gained many followers. Among them: Alexa Chung or Charlotte Gainsburg. The idea? Different hair lengths: short, tapered tufts on the top of the head and around the face. Behind the longest locks.
This haircut suits all face shapes and is ideal for fine hair. These different lengths, in fact, add a lot of volume to the hairstyle.

A modern short story of 2022: the story of the pixie

In recent months, this haircut has been seen at many haute couture shows, such as Etro or Jil Sander. Thanks to its graduated and rounded shape, the pixie cut is tolerant of all face shapes and all types of hair. However, your stylist will be able to choose between a classic pixie cut, asymmetric or long to perfectly accentuate your features.

“Bixie cut”, the trendy abbreviation of 2022

This singular noun refers to two specific haircuts already mentioned above: Bob and the Pixie. Thus, the “Bixie cut” is shorter than the Pixie: just like the famous “Boyfriend Bob”, it stops just below the ears. Depending on the desired effect and the type of hair, it can be more or less deteriorating.
Finally, good news: the “Bixie cut” suits all face shapes and will be ideal for both straight and curly hair.

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