What are the desired patterns and how do you design them?

Change your style, rejuvenate your look, revive your hair after winter, rejuvenate you… There are many reasons why you should cut your hair. But which style to choose and exactly what length? This is the hardest part. That’s why we’re here to help. In this article, you will find 3 modern short haircut ideas 2022 that can inspire you + tips on how to style them. So, for everyone who needs a drastic makeover, here are some models we’re loving!

Modern short haircut 2022: why dive in?

Cutting damaged hair helps ensure long-term health of hair with less need for expensive products. It also helps stop the spread of split ends in strands. In addition to health and beauty, short hairstyles have a strong connection to our emotional well-being. Yes, you read it correctly! Studies have shown that cutting lengths can provide a sense of control and emotional liberation. Isn’t that awesome?! Let’s also not forget that short hair is an absolute trend this year. So if you have any doubts, here are the 3 reasons that may help you make a decision – go to the hairdresser or not.

Women’s haircut

Very short haircut woman talking

With the arrival of spring and the adoption of this new rhythm, we dream of radically changing our look with a boyish story. Are you one of those people? If so, you’ll want to consider cutting Buzz. This androgynous style highlights facial features, while magnifying the look. In addition, by adopting the style of shaving, we benefit from significant time savings. We say “goodbye” to brushes, straighteners, and any styling product. You can even maintain it yourself without going to a hair salon. Thus, taking care of your femininity remains a major priority.

Tip: For an elegant looking hairstyle, bet on a trendy accessory for 2022.

cut the genie

Short haircut modern woman 40 years

If an XS cut is too drastic for you, consider adopting or contrasting a Pixie cut—a bixie cut that’s a mix between a Pixie and Bob. The power of the trendy hair style of 2022 lies in its ability to make us feel fresh and ready to take on the world.

How do you design it? The most important thing is to use products that add texture to your hair. Style while still damp using a round brush and a hairdryer. You can slick back your skin, opt for the wavy effect, or use the shell effect for an intense retro look.

Fashionable short box 2022

Modern women's cut

When we say short bob, there are dozens of different styles that come to mind. Perhaps the most popular look at the moment is Taylor Lachey’s haircut. But this is not the only method that you can adopt. Take a look at the image above. This modern short story will not go unnoticed. Pixie bob in asymmetric version will guarantee you an amazing transformation. So, will you give in to the short box?

What is the modern short haircut 2022 according to the shape of your face?

Short haircut for a modern blonde woman

If you have round faceSome lengths should be left around the face to refine it. Choose a hairstyle, like a pixie, with more volume and a little more on the sides.

You have oval face ? Then you are really lucky! You can have any haircut you want, even the short one.

women in square face The forehead must be cleaned in order to visually lengthen it. In this context, a bob that is slightly wavy and misty is perfect for you.

If you have a file triangular faceChoose a modern short 2022 short cut with a gentle tapered gradient to rebalance the proportions of your face.

Which color do you choose?

Short haircut for beautiful modern women

Want to beautify your hairstyle? In 2022, you are spoiled for choice! Platinum blonde, stunning pumpkin hair, purple undertones, nectar blonde coloring or milk tea hair will bring a good dose of light to your hair.

Keep in mind that the shorter your hair, the more roots. So, if you don’t have time to go to the hairdresser every two or three weeks, go get some rest and remove it with professional hair care products at home.

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