video. Pornic: Lujipeka launched his “summer tour”

Lujipeka was unable to sing as planned, due to a problem with the speaker. © Joachim Gonzalez

The sun is shining bright Monday 18 Julyaround 2:30 p.m., at porn (Loire Atlantic), when a small crowd forms around a truck parked in a parking lot, near Noëveillard Beach. Bathing suits, intoxicating music, cigarette smoke in the air: the atmosphere is almost festival-like, on a largely limited scale.

And for good reason: this audience of about 150 people, mostly young people, came to attend the first stage of “summer tour” From Lujipeka.

About a week ago, the singer with a unique universe – between rap, rock and pop – announced on his social networks this series of free mini-concerts lasting about forty minutes, which he had already led last summer after long months of restrictions due to the health crisis.

Hardware problem

In the parking lot, fans or curious passersby are starting to get a little impatient, hoping to yell next to the artist, get a picture or even “scratch a T-shirt, whatever comes on,” joking a group of friends.

“We go ahead and throw a pogo (a dance consisting of a stampede)!”, until they let go of some reckless teens, preferring to stay in the background.

Suddenly, Lujipeka appeared accompanied by cheers to his black truck. His silky hair, sunglasses and a black T-shirt, he climbed onto the roof of the car, in praise of the ecstatic audience.

But there, a cold shower in the pool: “We took the wrong equipment for the music …,” declares the artist, a little embarrassed, explaining that therefore he will not be able to take the microphone this afternoon. What drops mercury, even if onlookers probably don’t ask for much.

“It’s annoying, in spite of everything,” Louna, 18, a big enthusiast who traveled by train from Nantes, bitterly lamented.

Lujipeka Pornic
The singer from Ren managed to exchange photos with dozens of people before going to Les Sables-d’Olonne. © Joachim Gonzalez

FREE T-shirts

So, a curtain? Not really: in the absence of a concert, the event will last for a few dozen minutes.

After letting the audience sing the chorus Not in my placeone of his best-selling titles, the young Britton continually began releasing several T-shirts from his collection, allowing fortunes to grab them, sometimes aggressively, in the bitumen heat.

Watch our video:

The agitation seemed to gradually subside. Until, a little later, the artist moves to the other end of the parking lot to be able to organize the taking of selfies more comfortably.

Immediately, a human wave chased after him, including the three fans, all wearing the precious jersey, whom we were interrogating – “Sorry, but…”. understand.

hurtful sign

While there is a clicking sound curse era, a piece from the singer’s latest album, Maël and Newt, both 17, is off the line, photos in their pockets. They haven’t known each other for a few minutes. The digression about the artist merges.

“He saved my life,” Newt gently explains. I listened to her when I wasn’t feeling well,” continues the young woman, a mischievous sign under her arm, snatching the lyrics of a song for her idol.

Lujipeka Pornic
Newt (in the center of the photo), the author of the sign, was able to see his idol up close. © Joachim Gonzalez

Often described as being close to his fans, Lujipeka seems to enjoy these events that breathe “a certain freedom” (Maël), even seeming a bit underpowered, especially compared to the majestic festivals during which he played in front of tens of thousands of people, no later than the weekend Past (in Francophile on Saturday, then in Vieilles Charrues on Sunday).

“We’re not supposed to be here…”

One tries with a little optimism to give an interview to the singer. Failed: his assistant politely refuses and watches police car She circled near the place of assistance, and soon another police imitated her.

“We’re not supposed to be there…” he breathes, while the summer tour was disrupted by the police last summer – these concerts were “wild,” unannounced. The cheerful atmosphere clearly did not call for suppression. “I had a hug, I love you, my picture, it’s cool,” Newt breathes.

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