Use the virtues of the sun to lighten your hair during the summer of 2022!

Fashion lovers are seduced by this new hair tip suggested by the experts! the details !

Are you hoping to harness the power of the sun to kiss hair this summer? It’s totally possible and in this hair tip, the experts will explain it all to you!

But before you say goodbye to your colorist, find out how the sun can lighten your hair and how to achieve it.

Hair tip: How to get sun bleached hair?

According to hair tips experts, staying in the sun for too long can change the color of your hair. Fun fact: Already ! (Okay, up to a point.) Sunscreen might not give you the perfect amount you’d pay top dollar at the salon. But you can still get a lighter shade by exposing yourself to it.

However, the intensity of lightening your hair will depend on your current color And the help of lemonade for you. However, the sun can lighten them in all shades. But on the other hand, the tip of the hair tells us that people with fair hair tend to have the best results.

If you have dark hair, the lightening will not be as dramatic. Depending on your undertones — which typically lean toward the orange of brown hair — you probably won’t get the soft-light effect you see in commercials. It all depends on how the sun affects melanin. As a reminder, this is the pigment that gives color to your skin and complexion.

Besides, it may seem strange that the sun lightens the hair but it cleaves the skin. Because the latter is alive and poetry is not. So the UV rays oxidizeand converted into a colorless compound. Fabulous, isn’t it? Just keep in mind that even though the sun-lightening trick doesn’t cost you anything, your hair may still pay the price!

Details to consider!

If you spend hours in the sun every day, it will eventually work its magic and lighten your hair. But it can take an entire summer of all-day exposure to make it happen. Although this method is very effective, experts in hair tricks advise you to do so Don’t abuse it. In fact, it may contribute to an increased risk of skin cancer in the process!

However, remember that other summer food items may also contain lightning effect on your hair. Hair trick experts explain that salt water and chlorine are also effective at lightening hair. In fact, they alter your hair’s natural keratin, resulting in “lighter shades.”

So having fun in the ocean or pool every day is not an option. At least, if you don’t want to leave it to chance. Know that a sprinkle of salt or a little lemon juice can help with this. However, the tip of the hair warns you not to use DIY products. In fact, the latter can also dry them out even more!

Double the problem: commercial hair products that help you achieve a sun-kissed look may contain aggressive chemical elements. Which may have a bad effect on your hair. Hair care experts also do not recommend the use of beauty treatments that contain hydrogen peroxide.

Hair tip: how to lighten hair with lemon juice?

Hair tip offers you the following recipe. start mixing Two liters of hot water and an amount of lemon juice In a clean spray bottle. Wet all of your hair or only the parts you want to lighten. Then spray the lemon mixture on your wet hair.

Next, stay in the sun for 1-2 hours to activate the lemon juice. Then rinse your hair well and condition it with a salt spray. In conclusion, it is absolutely true that the sun can lighten your hair. But you may need to take additional steps to make it happen. Also keep in mind that sun and other natural ingredients can be too Unexpected and devastating. It’s a good idea to invest in a good conditioner and sunscreen before you start your search.

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