Tribute to Danny, “The Little Butterfly That Died In Flight”

Sudden spirit and sulfur sound, the singer passed away on Monday, July 18, at the age of 77. A look back at the journey of an icon in the ’60s and ’70s, inspiring and fascinating.

You could have been in my book sex addiction story She has the same strength as the characters she portrayed there,” said the American underground photographer Nan Goldin who crossed paths with Danny in Paris in 2010. There is something very wonderful about it. physical presence. His face conveys very strong emotions. It’s without filtration and every little wrinkle tells a story. I’d like to shoot it…”The portrait of Danny drawn by Nan Goldin will still be intentional. But we can imagine it: a very powerful shot, with vibrant hues. A prayer for color, aroma, sound, intensity, and a taste of life. “Life is the cinema you only watch once,” she sang. Danny in 45 laps titled Life at the age of 25in 1974.

Danielle Graul, her real name, died at the age of 77 on the night of July 18 and 19, of an illness — “in the Tours, where she lived,” her agent Lambert Baudier identifies — but his trace, the image and its music are indelible, like an endless story. in The night does not lasthis autobiographical book (Flammarion) – its title is taken from the verse of Daniel Dark in rose redDanny wrote “My life… did I choose or did I choose? Who do you know! Beautiful stars have always shined for me, good hands have instructed me, I have followed them…” Grieving her passing from Barcelona, ​​Jane Birkin confesses to us a few touching words about the woman and artist who Enjoyed- Known: “Danny was adventurous. She was gracious and amazing. She was elated, the sister of others. Too bad, a little butterfly died in flight.

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“Nothing was more important to her than creativity, singing and being around the ones she loves,” adds her professional entourage. “If Danny has been an inspiration to so many artists—photographers, directors, songwriters, composers, directors—it is because she was a powerful breath of life, a whole nature, full of love and energy.”

1960s icon, model portrayed by Andy Warhol, actress and muse Roger Vadim in circularby George Lautner in Few gentlemen who are very calm and by Francois Truffaut in American NightDanny said she was particularly shaken by the music: “I loved being an actress, but I never got in the cinema this indescribable thrill that I feel when singing on stage,” she told us before a concert — a cabaret in the Bataclan, in 2021 — A nod to the crazy years at Alcazar where it first appeared. That evening, between songs and anecdotes about her past, she had paid great homage to her iconic women: Marilyn Monroe, George Sand, Anais Nin and Françoise Sagan.

I loved being an actress, but I never got in the cinema with this indescribable excitement that I feel while singing on stage.


Danny, who was a cult artist in the 60s and 70s, returned to the spotlight in 2001 and had tremendous success singing a duet with Etienne Dahou, like boomeranga nickname that Serge Ginsburg wrote for her in 1975. In every song she sang – from Tomboy to me H for hippies passing by artichoke -, Danny always told himself in first person. A singer with a charming husky voice, a glamor with an androgynous physique, the icon of Parisian nightlife and L’Aventure nightclub, the French version of Studio 54 in New York, possessed the charm of Nico, Marianne Faithfull and rock queens whom she loved so much: “Like them, I sing what I live, Nothing more,” she told us in 2021, between two takedowns of Lucky Strike. “A song should give suspense at first listen. Sometimes the suspense is unpleasant, but I hope that what I write resonates with you, and that my experience will not be in vain. Sometimes I fear this time when everything must be painted, soft, gentle, A blue flower and where we hide what we think. I want artists to scream what we really feel, and pee on adverbial phrases, political correctness, and so scary and boring!”

Danny in Printemps de Bourges. (April 24, 2018.) AFP Forum

Everything was contrasted in her: her black hair and the piercing blue of her eyes, the lily complexion and the stiffness of her jaw, the spleen of her texts, and her mischievous smile. The emotional pop was as sharp as the blade of a knife. At the age of seventy-five, in 2021, she published a wonderful album, Golden Horizons: “It’s the pop in which I sing a hopeful tomorrow,” she said. I may have a bleak image and I like it. I’ve survived drugs, and broken love stories, but I’m still that little girl who left the provinces for Paris in the 1960s dreaming of a life other than that. Ordinary. It has retained the same taste of admiration.”

At the end of the eighties, the singer went through a long desert, which she recounted in her autobiography, The night does not last. Talking about her severe drug addiction, she admits that she was “hypersensitive, hyperactive” and “lived very low.” Like a phoenix emerging from its ashes, Danny emerged from those devastating years with the help of her parents, friends, and “My children, the most precious thing I have,” she will tell us. Benjamin Auger, photographer hello my friends A father to her two sons will be her ally forever. According to his manager, Danny was in the process of finishing his next album titled Attention Departure “We were warned. You just forgot to tell us that this was going to be imminent,” he added in a press release.

She was an exceptional woman who loved life and celebrated love

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The world of music is in mourning. From Rome where she is filming a documentary, singer Keren Ann, who is close to Danny, said: “I worked with her. She took over my song crazy (together with Doriand) I arranged for her and she invited me on stage several times. She was an exceptional woman who loved life and celebrated love. It was elegant and rocky, sometimes dark, but always surrounded by light. Danny loved poetry and found it everywhere. She loved to be discovered, she was very cultured and I know she had many musical projects. I also remember the importance she gave to the family, to her children, whom I talked about all the time. I am sad. We’ve lost Danny, a great artist, we’ll follow in his footsteps.”

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