The stars are adopting the Pixie story, so it’s the trend, in big letters, to give it a try!

As we do on the threshold each year, we learn about the currents that will undermine our appearance and way of life over the next few months. For example, we are looking for good ways to decorate your home, how to dress in the current season and what hairstyles to consider, among other things … continue to capture the hearts of bold and fashionable modern girls. In 2019, 2020 and especially in 2021, we noticed that many stars from the world of cinema, music, etc. She has adopted this elegant, bold and eye-catching boyish hairstyle. So, let’s see what are their interpretations of this great technique and how you can put it into practice yourself!

Pixie Cut: A Growing Hair Trend!

Our regular readers know all too well that we’ve already mentioned Pixie pieces and its many looks, each more eye-catching than the other, on numerous occasions. Did you encounter any information in this regard? Do not panic: we will immediately summarize the most important information about this original and daring way of cutting and styling your hair.

A charming fairy hairstyle with a touch of sexy energy

What are the short hairstyles to adopt star ideas 2021 2022

The first thing to know is that it is a short haircut for women that first appeared in the 1950s and became very popular among British and American women over the following decade. Pixie takes its name from the miniature fairies of the same name from Anglo-Saxon folklore. It’s a classic childish take on the story.

What a short haircut that 2022 adopts the idea of ​​movie stars and music

Most of the time, the Pixie cut is very short, even shaved, towards the back of the neck and a little longer towards the front. This requires a certain stylistic freedom, which, on its part, makes it possible to adapt this wonderful hairstyle to different types of face. Let’s explore what star designers’ ideas are in this context and how they can be successfully imitated!

Genie cuts from the perspective of celebrity hairstylists

zoe kravitz very short pixie cut boyish cutouts superstars build hairstyles 2022

Let’s start with American actress Zoe Kravitz who has always been known for her long African braids. Recently, she replaced them with a very short Pixie cut and the aesthetic result exceeded all expectations… Of course, when you combine the facial features of singer Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, hairstyles that make you flatter!

Cara Delevingne stars with a 2022 pixie haircut adopt fashion trends

We know Cara Delevingne all too well because of her gorgeous eyebrows which she left to grow naturally. Many celebrities followed suit after this, but not many people tried her blonde blonde cut either. Yes, his allure is incomparable, but you can at least test his hairstyle, right? Other than that, check out the other examples in the image gallery below and find the inspiration that works for you!

Everyone loves French actress Audrey Tautou and her amazing short haircut

Audrey Tautou French actress pixie hair cut 2022 stars adopt

Australian model Isabel Lucas’ hair is short back with a low center parting

Female pixie cut side parting Australian actress Isabel Lucas

Kris Jenner’s taper pixie cut rejuvenates and gives a flawless look like no other

How to wear a pixie haircut 50 years and 60 years after the idea of ​​Kris Jenner

Sarah Paulson’s swept blonde locks are synonymous with style and success

Sarah Paulson's bob cut short coloring the back highlights blonde

Ruby Rose, a very attractive Australian who has perfected her short haircuts over the years

Ruby rose boy cut type pixie long side bangs highlights

Kristen Stewart’s boyish blonde hair looks more rebellious with dark roots

Kristen Stewart's pixie haircut bouncing dark roots and side parting

The long twisted lock adds a dose of romance to Shailene Woodley’s chic hairstyle

Shailene Woodley Pixie Long Side Cut Twisted Bangs Highlight Ideas

Ashley Nicollet Frangipane, aka Halsey opts for a pixie blonde haircut with “polished” bangs

Hairstyle 2022 Stars Adopt a Pixie Ashley Nicolette Frangipane Haircut Named Halsey

Ah, the subtle waves make Kate Mara’s coppery hair even more poetic!

Kate Mara's pixie cut the long, wavy bangs on the side of a copper colorant

Would you dare to adopt tousled platinum blonde hair like Emma Willis did?

Hairstyle 2022 stars adopt the platinum blonde color from Emma Willis

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