The most popular hair color for 2022!

As the new year approaches, what could be better than a fresh and ultra-modern color to welcome new adventures with complete confidence and beauty? Among the most popular hair solutions for women, discoloration undoubtedly comes out on top. Are you a fashion designer who thinks about changing hair? Today, our editorial team reveals the hot options to easily find your favorite idea for the trendy hair color of 2022.

Start the year on the right foot with a new trendy color

From chocolate brown to caramel blonde, gorgeous hair color options promise to be in abundance this year. Red is also a current alternative. To get a clearer idea of ​​the top picks, let’s take a quick look at the top colors for the coming months:

  • Platinum blonde, golden, mushroom and strawberry.
  • Expensive dark (rich), chocolate, mocha caramel
  • Children’s lights, highlights, ombre
  • Red: Auburn, pumpkin spice (with caramel highlights)
  • dark black

Not sure which option to go with yet? Let’s take a closer look at the most interesting variants.

Many cool options for changing hairstyle

Medium Length Hair Color Brown 2022

Hair Color 2022 – Platinum Blonde

Unsurprisingly, blonde is still a favorite on the fashion catwalk. Platinum blonde, in particular, is one of the stars of 2022. Therefore, in order to make the most of its platinum color, feel free to choose a shade with reflections adapted to its morphology.

Shades of blonde, especially platinum blonde, will be very modern in 2022

Fashionable hair dye for coloring platinum blonde 2022

Very light platinum blonde

For example, for those with fair skin, a very light platinum blonde is the perfect alternative that will blend naturally with the skin while adding a sophisticated and elegant touch to your look.

Very light blonde for those with pale skin

Hair color 2022 platinum blonde arctic blonde shades

golden reflections

On the other hand, if you have a matte or dark complexion, you can consider more golden touches of a champagne shade, for example. Another suitable alternative is to leave those roots natural and opt for a balayage style color.

Golden shimmer to highlight matte or dark skin

Hair color model with golden blond wick

Ombres, stripes or sweeping hair color trend 2022

In addition to full coloring, multi-colored variants (with highlights, balayage or ombre) continue to run their course this year. Let’s look at the main variables.


Soft highlights that slightly enhance hair are still very popular. Thus, Babylights are the perfect solution to naturally illuminate your hairstyle without overdoing it. Among the star shades, delicate locks in golden or caramel blonde are a great option to adopt without delay.

Babylights are the perfect hair solution to light up your natural hair

Blonde brunette Balayage babylights a trend that highlights brown hair


For a multi-dimensional view, warm-colored highlights are one of the most classic and popular ideas. Depending on the base, choose the appropriate warm reflections to enjoy a sunny, balanced and natural look at the same time.

Wicks remain a fairly popular alternative

Trend star Jennifer Lopez hairstyle


To stay within the framework of a more natural, but still fresh and trendy color, soft-shaded color turns out to be a great technique. In this form, the transition between light tips and dark roots is more delicate. Unlike the classic ombre, here we choose a color that is lighter but at most three shades. This creates a less noticeable and more natural contrast.

Natural ombre is a great choice for brown hair

Chocolate shaded natural brown hair color

red coloring

Red tones also come in multiple flavors to establish themselves as a major trend. From dark red to copper or even a lighter shade, warm and deep colors are a great alternative for women who want to command attention.

And if we choose the red color in fashions?

hair color ideas red brown hair color

auburn hair

For a few years now, the auburn color has been one of the main hits, whatever the season is out there. And this is not without reason. This coloring is really perfect for enjoying rich and intense color all year round. A great solution to accentuate her clear eyes and matte skin, but not only! The auburn hair is also blended with brown eyes to give a pop of vision while creating the impression of a more laid-back, deep look.

Lon Auburn is one of the stars of the year

red hair color long hair color blue eyes hair color

wick on brown hair

With a diligent attention to the more natural look, the popularity has not ceased to be popular with fresh brown hair with subtle copper or red accents. Thus, a modern and subtle sweep with soft copper, auburn or mahogany locks is an excellent choice to gently enhance her brown hair.

Her brown hair was gently enhanced with red highlights

The wick on brown hair is auburn red

Brown hair color idea: chocolate coloring

Chocolate color is one of the main choices for 2022. A fact that is mainly explained by the interest in luscious natural visions. So we do not hesitate to surrender to this rich nuance either in the full version or simply in the form of hidden sweeping. Chocolate hair blend with cherry is also a very popular option for a captivating and elegant result.

Chocolate color for a hairstyle on top of fashion for 2022

Chocolate Braids Caramel Color

Hair color trend survey 2022 highlights facial features

Wicks Roots Highlights Balayage Woman Hair Color

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