The Bottleneck Bob is the cut that Instagrammers are embracing this spring

Its reputation is second to none: the square is a classic haircut. This short hair style has always been popular and he doesn’t intend to give up his place any time soon. Her success is due above all to her ability to know how to modernize without losing her natural elegance. Blogger bob, sliced ​​bob, blunt bob, and many more, social media beauty and red carpet celebrities alike love to reinterpret it. In the wake of these novelties, the square hairstyle decides to reinvent itself in another attractive look, the “bottleneck” look. It’s a subtle cut that’s perfectly enough for shoulders on sunny days. Here are all the good reasons to adopt it without further delay!

Trendy square hairstyle: a bob haircut with a bottleneck bangs promises to be the most successful in 2022

Perhaps not surprisingly, the bob remains a huge trend, given that it was the most popular haircut of the past year. But looking to the future, Bob continues to innovate and evolve to stay fresh and cool. latest news? A little extra embellishment to frame the cheeks and draw attention to the eyes…and that’s where the bottleneck bangs come in – the little sister to the curtain bang.

What exactly is a Botlink Bob?

Hair Trend 2022 Bottleneck

This type of square is actually nothing new. In fact, the “Bottleneck bob” is nothing but the classic short square associated with the most flattering bang of the moment: the “Bottleneck bang.” The latter has a shorter center, but longer sides, with locks ending at the cheekbones, framing the upper part of the face.

You can adopt this hair style regardless of your hair texture

Bob Cut Woman 2022 Bob's Bottleneck

Celebrity London hairstylist and Evo manager Tom Smith explains it in a video posted on his Instagram. “The bangs shape is narrower at the top, then widens like the shoulders of the bottle, then curves around and gives you that detail under the cheekbone. It’s really fun. It’s ’70s, but it’s also very modern. It works for everyone, regardless of age and face shape. The trend is combination Between bangs with a very straight bob cut, thus creating a boblink bob. In the short hair version, the bangs get a bit shorter, with the strands ending just below the temples and naturally accentuating your best features.”

The most important pieces of spring-summer 2022

Short bob story 2022

Her other perk: With the arrival of summer, this square allows us to remove a few layers of our hair and reveal a fresher square hairstyle. The coolest girls have already adopted it from what we see on Instagram, so why not? Want to try it out? We’ve rounded up the best looks to inspire you.

Celebrities are also giving in to the magic of the Bottleneck Bob hairstyle

Hairstyle Trend 2022 Bottleneck Bangs

Nobody can resist the spring 2022 hair trend. Margot Robbie helped start our fascination with this cut, for being among the champions of Bottleneck bangs. Sidney Sweeney of Euphoria, Selena Gomez, Lucy Boynton, Dakota Johnson, and Anne Hathaway also wear bangs, and Lucy Hale and Camila Moroni are fans—in short, you see this style everywhere. Combine it with a bob hairstyle and you’ve got a nice length that exfoliates the shoulders and, as a bonus, frames the face. Alias, Botlink Bob.

We call it. As the weather warms, it’s a great way to take off the extra layers, but with a cool twist. And imagine how chic those bangs will look in a low bun when the warm days finally arrive.

The versatile Bottleneck bob is also suitable for curly hair

Hairstyle Trend Spring 2022 Bottleneck Bob

Twist the ends of your hair outward for a more messy look

Hairstyle Trend Woman Bottleneck Bob 2022

The classic, jaw-dropping bob features a long bang

Hairstyle Trend Woman 2022 Bob Bottleneck

If you prefer a long bob, leave the side bangs longer too

Medium bottle neck bob hairstyle

The bangs are narrowed at the roots, then styled in a curved style at the ends

Trendy cut 2022 bottleneck bob

Potlink bob is the main hairstyle of 2022

Long Square Bottle Neck Bob Hairstyle 2022

Dare to look attractive for 2022, whatever your age

Bottleneck bob

Extravagant square hairstyle for bold girls

Square Cut Pop Bottleneck 2022

The 2-in-1 trend: a bottleneck bob on pastel hair

Fashionable women cut off the bottle neck bob

Add texture with a touch of dry shampoo or conditioner

Fashionable women cut 2022 bob bottleneck

Choose a center parting for a round face and a side parting for a rectangular face.

short bottleneck bob hairstyle

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