Senator de Lotte’s hair and several other senators were analyzed for the presence of contaminants

Angel Breville, Senator for Lot, is the initiator of a major process of analyzing many of the Senators’ hairs. Objective: To assess exposure to pollution. The results will be revealed in September.

Last Tuesday, dozens of senators from across France agreed to cut their hair. A makeover at the start of the summer season? No way. They agreed to play a practical game of toxicology research launched by Angèle Préville, a senator from Lot. “Senators of all ages and of all departments, from Drôme to Alain, via the Somme and Bouch-du-Rhône, and I, therefore, agreed to take three tufts of hair. 3 cm per strand, behind the neck,” explains the Parliamentarian from Lot. It has now been three years since the idea originated in Angèle Préville’s head. More precisely, since the fire at the Lubrizol factory in Rouen, on September 26, 2019. The senator from Lot, who fought environmental battles for her mare, became the godmother of a collection campaign led by the Association of Victims of this disaster. . Last June, after analyzing the hair of a hundred children in Rouen, the frightening results spoke: “We discovered insecticides that were banned more than twenty years ago, such as atrazine.”

1,800 pollutants and 49 metals were screened

This time, the senator wanted to be clear about it throughout France. “It is about analyzing the hair of senators who play guinea pigs by Toksyuk’s laboratory to determine the environmental and behavioral contaminations that the man suffers from,” the parliamentarian adds. A specialized medical and toxicological laboratory will review the presence or absence of 1,800 organic pollutants and 49 metals. Elected officials all completed a questionnaire about consumption habits. The results will be revealed in September. This is the first initiative of its kind to be implemented in the Senate. “I am defending these topics in the Senate and I need tangible results to defend the amendments, which is realistic,” outlines the person who was still participating last week in a symposium on micro pollutants in water.

“It’s annoying that, as we point the finger at the use of glyphosate and neonicotinoids, the marketing of chemical products is growing exponentially,” she slips. The former professor of physics and chemistry asserts: “We have these chemical molecules in our bodies and they shouldn’t be there. They lead to chronic toxicity, hypersensitivity, and intolerance, when they are not inflammatory diseases. Or neurodegenerative diseases that lead to cancer” . These findings could be the subject of an information mission on pollution in the population.

Fire disaster in the Gironde

Meanwhile, the senator notes with horror the consequences of global warming in the Gironde, after the fires. “It is a complete disaster. We must pay all our attention to starting the fire, and better distribute the water ejectors because the danger is only related to the Mediterranean arc. It is also a matter of regularly monitoring large areas of forest and woodland.” She has an idea particularly influenced by one of the campsites along the Dune du Pilat where she has stayed several times and which has been engulfed in flames. “It’s horrible, it’s a camping site where I took my kids, where I was still last May, I had so many emotions seeing the pictures.”

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