PHOTOS – Haircut: which square to wear after 60?

Among the stellar hairstyles of this year 2022, the square can be worn at all ages and with all hair lengths. If it compliments all women, it is also popular with women age 60 and over. Find out which shapes you should adopt to accentuate your face.

This is one of the hairstyles of this year 2022. The scene is making a strong comeback and is available in many ways to delight fashion lovers. two-tone, square with bangs or blogger bob, Square abandons its straight and classic style More imagination at the beginning of the year. The timeless cut, the square, even reinvented, is very popular, as it is suitable for both 20 and 60 years old. It is a hairstyle that can also be adopted by women over the age of 60, as it has multiple origins.

Always very popular whatever the trends, The square is suitable for all lengths. Easy to maintain and wear on a daily basis, it also has the peculiarity of enhancing the cheeks and neck. The square is also a hairstyle that can be worn on all occasions. It gives off an elegant and youthful vibe, which did not fail to seduce celebrities such as Olivia Newton-John or Helen Mirren.

What length would you choose for your square after 60 years?

In hairdressing, whatever your age, a square is perceived as such only if it is ear-length or shoulder-high, but never beyond them. In the first case we are talking about a short square and in the second we are talking about a long square or lobe. You should know that if you are in your sixties, the two lengths can be worn perfectly. By choosing a short bobAdding volume to your cut gives a cool, helmet-breaking effect that a bob can have. For longer hair, a sleek bob gives a more sophisticated look. However, the short square remains the most comfortable and easiest to wear, but also the hairstyle that allows most fantasies.

Short curly or wavy hair

The short square, that is, it is worn at the level of the ear or slightly below, is one of the hairstyles that attracts generation to generation. Both elegant and timeless, they are synonymous with elegance and are more practical in everyday life than taller pieces. If you choose a short square, two variants are possible. The first is a corrugated box. Featuring a bouncy bob with subtle waves, this bob features volume on the upper part of the face while elegantly defining the cheeks. To make it more modern, wear it with a side parting.

The second potential option for a short, modern yard after 60 years is the sunken square. It has the advantage of being suitable for all hair types and styles, it softens facial features while making you look younger. If you want to color while staying on a shade similar to your natural color, the square will compliment that color as well.

Fringe, a staple in yards for women 60 and over

Knowing back at the start of 2022, the margin is often set aside due to its crushing effect. When worn with a square, the hem can easily create a helmet effect that weighs the face and accentuates certain features due to age. However, it is a charming feature and a major detail in hairstyles for women 60 and above; Because it allows you to accentuate your appearance. To wear it well, the bangs should adapt to the shape of your face.

If you have a long face, choose an elongated fringe that ends at the birth of the eyebrows. On the other hand, if you have a round, square or oval face, you can adopt a graduated fringe. Curtain fringe is also a good alternative to compliment your face. In order to determine which bangs suit you best, feel free to seek advice from your hairdresser.

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