PHOTOS – Haircut: which square to wear after 50?

The square is a timeless hairstyle, suitable for all ages. However, 50 years later, it is possible to ask questions about the best way to adopt it to avoid a fashion slip. Discover our advice for choosing the right square for your age and face shape.

Spring is approaching and the desire to change your haircut. The square is undoubtedly the trendy hairstyle of the moment. They are available in different versions, from short square to long square, including countersunk or asymmetrical square. Easy to maintain and suitable for both elegant and casual wear, the square cut is especially suitable for women 50 and older. And it’s not Robin Wright, Celine Dion, or Julia Roberts and her long bob that would make us say otherwise!

With age, the lower part of the face may lose its elasticity and tend to sag. Adopting a square cut makes it possible to rebalance the entire face and increase our value. If hairdressers often discourage long haircuts for mature women, as they burden the movement of the head and the general silhouette, then there is no need to switch to a radical short haircut. The square represents the perfect compromise to stay on trend while maintaining your mane and earning a few years.

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short square

Like Sophie Davant or Patricia Kaas, feel free to adopt the short square if you want to freshen up your look once you hit 50. A short square above the shoulders is a very elegant haircut that is ideal for restoring facial volume. In the decadent version, it gives the perfect natural result to look modern and a little younger!

> The most beautiful star squares for inspiration

long square

Laurence Ferrari, Halle Berry, and Julia Roberts have masterfully adopted it: the long bob is a perfect fit for women over 50. Halfway between long hair and a short bobIt allows you to keep changing hairstyles (buns, braids, etc) while always showing off the trendy look. The long square has the advantage of heating up all face shapes and is easy to wear. Smooth or wavy, it is incredibly elegant and suitable for thick and fine hair.

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drowning yard

Are you over fifty and you have thick hair? A sinking box in the style of Brigitte Macron is also an option to consider. This type of countersunk square is particularly suitable for faces with a defined jaw. Lengths around the face smooth contours and completely rebalance. Shortest length at the nape of the neck It also gives a boost to your look.

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mysterious box

Whether you choose a short, long or bob bob, go with natural hair movements to avoid looking too strict. After the age of 50, it is important to smooth the facial features with a fine haircut. Layered and/or wavy locks allow you to gain volume and give you a very modern look.

> The most beautiful star squares for inspiration

Margin Square

Fringe is the preferred ally if you want to restructure your face naturally. Isabelle Adjani understood this well and wears her beautiful wavy and perfectly fringed dress. If your face is pointed, the hem has the added advantage of giving it volume. A square with bangs can also smooth your face, provided you choose open bangs or wear it on the side. Straight bangs tend to have the opposite effect and strengthen the face.

> The most beautiful star squares for inspiration

Mistakes should be avoided

You’ll understand: the square is ideal after 50 years because it refreshes the look and restores volume to the hair. Between the long, short, or sunken square, you have the awkwardness of choosing to update your story. However, some precautions should be taken. The first thing is Pay attention to the very short box Which does not suit all face shapes. Also avoid too straight and too loose squares, The direction is normalNo matter your age!

> The most beautiful star squares for inspiration

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