Miss: For Biterroise Marjorie Pauly, only the future project matters to the competition

La Biterroise has been elected Miss Heart of Paris elegance by presenting an ecological project.

Yes, there is the crown and the sash. But it stops there. No doubt about the physics of the Miss Elegance Heart Committee. What is important is the content of the project that we want to defend. nothing else. In this mini-game, Marjorie Pauly, of Cazouls-les-Béziers, has pulled out of the game and offered to collect hair to make wigs for people undergoing chemotherapy and use the rest for environmental purposes when hydrocarbons are prevalent in nature. She thus became Miss Hart Elegance Paris 2022, and is now contending for the national title next October.

Marjorie studied Psychology at Béziers before moving to Aix-en-Provence to complete her master’s degree in Cognitive Work Environment. Then I worked for a large automobile company working on the ergonomics of the car’s dashboard interfaces.

Today, she is hired by a digital company that develops software for the Internet, which should make it as accessible as possible. Very sensitive to the environment and humanity, she decided to take part in this famous beauty pageant.

stand up for a good cause

“What touched me in the first place, Marjorie explains, It is the idea of ​​defending a good cause, creating a project. Then let’s challenge ourselves. It is very motivating. So I chose what actions to take and the committee imposed actions on me. This is the first regional cover and now to go to the end and the end, why not, Miss Heart of France with a beautiful project.

If Marjorie carries out actions in the collection of waste and also to advocate for the animal cause, she does not forget about women who follow heavy drug treatments and lose their hair. She made it her main project.

“The confinement was a revelation. It reinforced my environmental and social convictions after reading a book on the subject and the impact of economic growth on our planet. When I was leading this project, I joined the work on the word. Hair length to make a wig for these women. I am one of those who think it necessary Share, explain, and repeat without wanting to force it so I don’t offend anyone. I’m going to my middle school students to show them simple things that anyone can do in their corner. Together, I’m convinced we can act in the right direction. Being elected nationally would be a great opportunity for me. Lee to promote simple and effective ideas perhaps to anticipate a more difficult future. We must start the movement.”

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