Lyons. With her own hair salon, Lauren has become the expert on French curly hair

Laureen Schein established her La Belle Boucle location at the end of 2017. She now has a shop and hair salon on the slopes of Croix-Rousse in Lyon. (© LC/News Lyon)

A website dedicated to advising and selling products for curly hair, then a hair salon and brand in itself, the La Belle Boucle story is undoubtedly the dream of more than one entrepreneur.

Behind this “success story” hides Lorraine Shane, a 27-year-old Lyonnais who was destined to become an optometrist. This means if she herself imagines that, what was once her largest pool, it will finally push her to head a company generating almost 8 million euros in one year.

“Many women identified themselves in my story”

I styled my hair for years because I hated curls. When I realized I had a lot of burnt locks on my head, it was a click to stop.

Lauren Shane, founder of La Belle Boucle

For years, Lauren has struggled with a lack of advice from hair professionals on how to care for her curls. Above all, you love them. Then I began to search tirelessly for recipes, products, and tips on the Internet, especially via North American articles.

“I was doing my little caterpillars. I was able to get my curly hair back healthy and natural again. Then I quickly became so passionate about everything, I was getting everyone around me drunk!” says the young woman with a big laugh.

In December 2017, Lauren launched on Instagram to share her knowledge on the networks. She, who took three years to “bring the internet back” before she could find answers, wants to make it easier for all those who ask themselves the same questions. And they are clearly numerous: in a few months, Lauren already has 10,000 subscribers. The machine has been launched.

Many women recognized themselves in my story. I gave them advice but mostly spent my time explaining where to find the right products. This is where the idea for a site that brings them together came to me.

Lauren Shane, founder of La Belle Boucle

In the barbershop, we fight for places

Created in May 2019, La Belle Boucle, which has the same nickname on Instagram, lists several French, natural and organic brands. Success is almost instantaneous, and was amplified by confinement a year later. “A lot of people have turned to natural products during this time,” explains Lauren.

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The enthusiasm was so great that she decided to end her career as an optometrist to devote herself 100% to curls, before her companion Alexis joined her as a partner.

Without giving up the company’s controls, Lauren, in turn, realizes her wildest dreams, closely followed by 210,000 Instagram subscribers. On the slopes of Croix-Ross in 2021 she opened her shop and hairdressing salon. A hybrid foundation dedicated to taking care of frizzy hair as we struggle for places.

“Some clients drive hours to come and meet us. All our appointments for this month are booked within a few minutes,” sums up the entrepreneur proudly. And for good reason: La Belle Boucle is the only studio in Lyon that offers this type of service.

First product and soon other establishments

But Lauren’s ambition and passion for her work push her to think bigger. It is no longer enough to display products for sale. She wants to establish herself in this market by creating her own formulas, entitled La Belle Boucle.

A year and a half of hard work, combined with an independent formula maker based in Dessin, finally made possible the birth of her first product: a hair care product made with 99.5% natural ingredients. “Other products should see the light of day in 2023,” the young woman specifies.

In the near future, the latter also plans to open other stores / salons, especially in the south of France. And in Lyon? Lauren does not rule out the possibility of a second institution.

If her business is thriving, Lyones doesn’t forget her primary motive: helping others be “unbound from the loop.” It is always close to its community, and continues to interact on its networks by publishing informative and free content.

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