Is the bob cut with French bangs made for you?

The cut-out hairstyle, the pleated bob, the square hair or the Italian bob… Yes, there are many bob hairstyles and they are always a hit on social networks! But nothing like a great classic that is gradually making a comeback: the downright cool French pop. So, are you ready for a retro look that promises to remove all square abbreviations? So read on to discover our inspiration: Taylor Lachey’s most chic French bob hairstyle, as well as her hair routine.

French Bob or Lacha Taylor hairstyle that makes an impact!

Born and raised in Texas, USA, model and fashion blogger Taylor Lash looks like a real Parisian, that’s a fact! But how exactly did you manage? So, on the one hand, it is thanks to its French origins and on the other – the frankly amazing French bob. This very short square cut embodies the French style and causes a stir outside. But why choose it? Is it an easy-to-maintain hairstyle? Who is best suited? More importantly, what’s Taylor Lachey’s routine for always getting a trendy haircut? We will tell you everything!

Women’s Short Haircut Trend: Why Choose a French Pop?

Ultra-short cut with bangs Taylor LaShae French bob is easy to maintain

Hair trends come and go to shape the world of beauty, allowing us to wear very stylish and modern looks. After the long square and sunken square, it’s French pop to stand out. Taylor Lash’s hairstyle is sure to have it all. But why choose it? We answer you right away: a short, fresh and light haircut that gives you a boost with minimal effort!

Short bob haircut for women Taylor Lachey

Taylor Lachey’s bob haircut embodies this “effortless and careless” side of French beauty. This very short square cut ends at the birth level of the neck, above the ears, in order to graze the jawline. Thus, it removes the neck, but frames the face to give a look that calls for French elegance. Combine with fringe to complete the look!

Bob cut with bangs is easy to keep up with French Bob Taylor Lasha Hair Trends

And if you’ve been wondering why take the plunge, we’re revealing the biggest advantage of the French bob hairstyle: its ease of maintenance. It is especially distinguished by its natural and relaxed appearance to succeed without much effort. Once the hair is washed, all you have to do is style it with a mousse and blow dry it. Yes, it is that simple! Also keep in mind that a touch up every six to eight weeks will be necessary to keep your bob in shape. Finally, it is necessary to mention another undeniably worth it: French pop grows evenly! But, in the end, is this for you?

French Bob Who is this?

Bob cut with French bangs Bob Taylor Lashi trendy short hairstyle routine for women

It-Taylor girl LaShae wears her French bob with style and pride, but it turns out that this ultra-short cut doesn’t necessarily suit all face shapes. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully before going to the hairdresser. According to experts, this hairstyle is only for a very small group of people and is best suited for women who are accustomed to washing and daily wear and who enjoy the natural curve in their hair.

Taylor Lashee Hairstyle Routine Short Bob Haircut Wet Effect Hair Trend Short Haircuts For Women

As for the face shape, hairdressers point out that women with a thin jawline will benefit most from a short hairstyle. If you are hesitant to take the initiative, we recommend that you discuss the matter with your hairstylist. He will definitely give you the best advice.

How to Adopt French Bob Cut Taylor LaShae Hairstyle Routine Short Bob Haircut

At the risk of repeating ourselves, this hair style is extremely easy to maintain. Thanks to the dramatic side of the cut, there’s no need to spend hours in front of the mirror taking care of every lock. admin, the better! And now, let’s take a look at Taylor LaShae’s hairstyle routine.

Taylor Lashey’s hair routine

Short bob cut with bangs Bob Taylor French LaShae hairstyle routine

But what exactly does Taylor Lachey do to get a flawless French bob? If you think she uses a wide variety of expensive hair styling products, think again. In fact, she doesn’t pay any particular attention to her haircut with bangs, especially her skin being a top priority. And in a recent interview, she admitted that her hair comes last, because she has the easiest short hair styles to style.

Taylor Lachey short haircuts for women

On the routine side, LaShae specifies that once she gets out of the shower, she combs her hair straight, including the bangs. Next, she tied a handkerchief around her head and swept her, the goal being to fix the latter, and put a little hair oil on the lengths. Finally, she wipes the hair with her hands and lets it dry naturally. That’s it, nothing complicated!

* Image credit: Instagram Taylor LaShae

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