If this device for cutting rhinestones in hair tells you something, it’s normal, it dates back to the 2000s

Since the first decade of the twenty-first century seems to still dazzle with fashion and beauty, the machine used to cut rhinestones in hair is back in our bathroom. She is obligated to tell you something.

The kitsch of the first decade of the twenty-first century is more fashionable than ever. Among the well-established elements of this period that are beginning to make a comeback, there are of course the butterfly manicure and glitter, low-rise jeans, XXL transparent glasses and of course the “The Rachel” cut. In short, we are totally addicted. There are two other elements, directly related to this knot, which are still well in our memory: first the atipa (these locks are wrapped in a multi-colored woolen thread) but also and above all rhinestones in hair. And if I sincerely hope that the first will not be able to return between us, then the second is strongly invited to the party.

Via TikTok influencer Sophie Murray we got to see the device used to cut rhinestones on hair for the first time in years. video done so far, Over 8.6 million views It has been chosen many times by other users such as Kirstye Elizabeth. A video that makes you want to get started, as the multicolored result takes its toll.

How does it work and does it last?

The advantage of these small machines is that they are generally sold at a fairly affordable price (between 10 and 20 euros) whether In game stores or online. At the same time, it Initially intended for children… But if you want to stick with it too (literally) know that these devices are very easy to use. Simply select the rhinestone dial of your choice (colorful, monochrome, star-shaped or other) and place it directly into the device. Grab a lock by your hair and simply close the device so that it attaches to the rhinestone.

Obviously the process can be a bit long because You can only cut one gem at a time. But the result, which lasts an average of one day, is well worth the effort.

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