Here are the top 5 women’s trends for Spring/Summer 2022

That’s it, the beautiful season has finally arrived! And with her, she feels the desire to change the haircut. While hair trends for Spring/Summer 2022 are all about hippie chic lengths, delicate braids, and couture ties, short hair is taking center stage too.

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Inspired by the spirit of freedom and boldness that pervades the ensembles, hairstylists honor 5 main trends for women: the short square, the long neck, the wet look, the fringe and the brutal effect.

Short bob, the main trend of spring-summer 2022

Unsurprisingly, the arena is, again this season, in vogue. But on one condition: adopt it in its ‘Italian Bob’ version, which has been announced as one of the major hair trends of 2022. Featuring a length that stops at chin level, a clean parting and a net front, it’s especially suited to fine hair that adds volume and substance to it.

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The long neck is a season essential

What is the common denominator between the sloping haircut and the wolf? Both highlight the long neck. It makes sense, while the latter is among the hairdressers’ offerings, in a soft interpretation of the mullet cut, which remains reserved for the boldest.

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The wet look is popular (also) on short haircuts

In 2022, the wet look on long hair will look like boyish cuts. Flattening the roots, emphasizing the lock or forming a very feminine effect, the wet effect adapts to our desires and all face shapes.

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Side wicks and straight bangs are taking over hairstyles

Curtain fringe – or “valance bangs” – is more suitable for medium to long pieces. But short hair goes well, fortunately, with other hairstyles! In the line of sight, the wick is swept sideways and the straight bangs cut into the ball (more recommended for thick hair).

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Wild Impact, the common thread of short haircuts for women in 2022

The red thread for hair trends 2022? Daring. Whether you choose a long nape, a short square, or a side-swept closure, the material is shaggy, the fibers are curly, and movement is essential.

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