Here are must-know hair tips for this summer!

When summer comes we’re all looking for hair tips of all kinds…we want to be on the cutting edge of trends to polish our looks. You have to be pretty to the end of your hair, right?

So, with the tips in the article, you will undoubtedly maintain the correct ending! And at least you’ll amaze everyone with your hair.

#1. Make a ponytail with no elastic between the ends of the hair

Summer is a nice season, but you can suffocate with the heat very quickly, especially if you leave your hair out. In this particular case, the ponytail is a hairstyle that comes to our rescue. But, unfortunately, it was also left without an elastic…Good news, you can make a ponytail without an elastic. And yes, this trick is a solid block!

The ponytail is a timeless hairstyle and thus is one of the trendiest hairstyles every year. It can be worn casually or more precisely.

How do I do ?

  1. Separate two strands of hair toward the front of your hairstyle.
  2. Then attach the wicks from the back, taking care to make two turns.
  3. Then put them under your hair.
  4. Attach them with small flat pliers and you’re done!

#2. Hair Glitter for a Festive Evening Look

Summer songs with ice cream, pancakes, fresh salads and smoothies but above all with concerts, festivals and picnics. Therefore, it is normal to want to condition your hair in the evening. Why don’t you add the beep to your hair by adding glitter? Who said sequins are only for clothes and shoes?

Apart from that, your hair has the right to shine too!

How do I do ?

  1. Once you have your hair done (a low ponytail for example), take a strand of hair and wrap it around the quilt.
  2. Then mix the glitter with the gel.
  3. Then spread the mixture on the wick with a brush and let’s celebrate!

# 3. Braids and braids on medium length hair

This season, there will be braids on everyone’s head! It is simple, it is the trendy hairstyle that you will not forget to wear. The braids are beautiful, they are dazzling and above all give a sexy look.

How do I do ?

  1. Divide your hair in half and from top to bottom.
  2. Then start making a first braid at the top.
  3. Then include strands from below in the braid as you go down!

Finally, a hair tip for beautiful hair every day is to sleep with a silk pillowcase. The material will protect your lengths as well as your ends to reduce breakage. So, what tricks will you steal?


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