Hairstyles that must be adopted to withstand the heat

Those with long hair who have never felt sweating In these, raise your hand. This is the lot of those who wear a long mane: more hair, more sweating. This is the game the summerThis is what we fear most. impression that All the hairstyles we do make us sweat. Drop them on our bare backs? outside the question text. Meanwhile, it does not help to get the cake too quickly because unfortunately it was cut, which by force, It damages the hair fiber, especially with the heat that dries out our tips. Unfair, we know. To get around this problem, you have two options: cut everything before you go on vacation, or make hairstyles that are perfect for hot weather. In thousand, you choose the second option. And so are we.

Long hair: how to style it in the summer?

to choose How to design your mane When it’s too hot, it’s an exercise in itself. An exercise we must apply ourselves to if we are to continue The quality of our hairMostly due to the heat and summer. To maintain the quality of your hair, we skip the buns that are made quickly and by Rubber bands that pull your hair too tight. Unsurprisingly, we prefer braided. It’s a must-have for every summer and is a hairstyle that respects your skin. In addition, it allows you to get beautiful waves, without heat. In 2022, the braid was worn in different ways.

  • simple braid: As if you were a kid, you were braiding your hair quickly and well.
  • ponytail braid: You make a ponytail and then a braid
  • Adhesive strand: You have to be a little more skilled to do this version of the braid on your own. However, it makes it possible not to feel hot at all and therefore not to sweat at all.

Different styles of cakes

While braids win our emotions, the different styles of updos are also great for staying cool. But be careful, you have to choose your rubber band carefully because it can damage the quality of your hair, trapped in a bun. So we ditch the metallic rubber bands and opt for the invisible, these rubberized plastic bands preserve the quality of the hair fiber and allow you to have no folds when separating your hair.

  • elegant cake
  • double cake
  • high painted cake

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