Camille Gottlieb, the adorable granddaughter and lookalike of Grace Kelly

Her likeness to Grace Kelly, her natural beauty, her relationship with her weight, her favorite beauty look: Find out all about Camille Gottlieb.

Camille Gottlieb made an impressive appearance yesterday, July 18, 2022, alongside Prince Albert II and Charlene of Monaco during the traditional Red Cross Gala in Monaco. But Who really is Camille Gottlieb ?

Camille Gottlieb ballerina cake

Alicia Keys performed yesterday, during the concert following the dinner organized for the Red Cross Gala in Monaco, a charitable event founded by Prince Louis II of Monaco in 1948. If all eyes were on the American singer as well as on Prince Albert II who came with his wife Charlene from Monaco, it was Camille Gottlieb who caught our eye. The Daughter of Stephanie of Monaco We were delighted with a beautiful renovation featuring an elegant cake. Her chestnut hair was pulled back in a high bun dancerWhile that fringe curtain Bring a modern touch to the hairstyle. For her makeup, Camille Gottlieb chose a natural color with a simple coat of mascara on the eyelashes, practical eyebrows and pink lipstick.


Camille Gottlieb is the youngest daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, born from her story with Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, the Princess’ former bodyguard. Because his parents never married, It’s not a breed It is not included in the arrangement of the succession to the throne of Monaco. However, Camille Gottlieb is definitely part of the royal family, judging by her obvious resemblance to her grandmother and mother. Thus, she displays the same Grace Kelly nose and the same blue eyes as Stephanie from Monaco.

Natural Beauty

Camille Gottlieb just celebrated her 24th birthday on July 15th and loves to post her daily life on social networks. On her Instagram account, we can see that the young woman has a stunning natural beauty, highlighted by the beauty of simple and elegant looks. Brunette, blonde or brown, Camille Gottlieb loves to play with her hair, which she sometimes cuts to show square cut, before setting his sights on medium length hair. As for her makeup, the beauty has a favorite: flawless complexion, a look enhanced by tufted eyelashes and highlighted brows, plus a bare mouth.

The natural Camille Gottlieb is supposed to believe Selfies without makeup Posted on Instagram. Monegasque also prides itself on its silhouette, which has sometimes been targeted by its critics. However, the niece of Albert II assumes her weight fluctuations and now displays a slim and toned body. Camille Gottlieb is definitely a “daughter” that will be talked about a lot.

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