Brigitte Macron and her beauty secrets: hair, weight, height …

Wasp waist, chic blonde bob and sparkling look, Brigitte Macron is a stylish and modern first lady. The sexologist is known for her elaborate and elegant cosmetic treatments. Zoom.

She was distinguished by the tastes of her luxurious clothes, Brigitte Macron It dazzles the media even internationally. From the Louvre to the Elysee, its beauty and style do not go unnoticed. At the age of sixty-nine, the first lady shows a broad smile, assured and takes care of her appearance while appearing in the media side by sideEmmanuel Macron. Deciphering a modern and elegant beauty treatment.

How does Brigitte Macron form?

To highlight herself, Brigitte Macron relies on her beautiful blue eyes. At every outing, the president’s wife accentuates her look with a black pencil and black mascara to accentuate the color of her eyes. Sometimes they even take a pause fake eyelashes. She can also apply iridescent shades for a doe look. For a sparkling make-up, Mrs. Macron opts for pink and natural shades that enhance her bright smile. On the skin side, Brigitte Macron grows her golden and tanned skin all year round. A fan of bronzers or sunscreens, the First Lady seems to have the right tips for maintaining a sun-kissed complexion. A beautiful tan complements her blonde.

How does Brigitte Macron make her hair?

To compliment her gold mine and sky blue eyes, Brigitte Macron is faithful to her gold platinum blonde with a back-from-vacation effect. The color softens her features and suits her perfectly. Perfect for masking white hair and the effects of time, it brightens and brightens the face. The first lady of France, who dresses and flirts, is always perfectly tailored. Brigitte Macron reveals elegant and relaxed style. Her modern hairstyles and soft bangs rejuvenate her and make her more elegant than ever. In an interview given to Paris MatchThe First Lady gave the secret to her perfect voluminous bob: Wig Extensions. “A finely woven golden helmet with its extensions that speaks volumes about her naturally.” Define a magazine journalist.

Who is Brigitte Macron’s hairstylist?

The former literature teacher does her hair in the same hair salon as her husband. In fact, they seem to go to Mireille who runs a hair salon in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. In 2021, the salary of the makeup artist and make-up artist Elysée was revealed by the Audit Bureau and amounted to 5200 euros per month, a total of 62,400 euros per year. Inferno for a big budget! Therefore, by choosing an outside service for their hairdressing, the presidential couple reduce their expenses.

How does Brigitte Macron maintain thinness?

Brigitte Macron has a wasp waist and an athletic figure, with a silhouette and morphological features that help her look young and energetic. Among her many secrets, Brigitte Macron pays great attention to her diet and adopts a healthy lifestyle. Sports sessions When you wake up, the first lady maintains her slim line every day. She especially loves training bike and the north walkFamous for many of them Weight loss benefits.

Brigitte Macron is lucky to have slender and slender legs and does not hesitate to flaunt them. Perfectly fitted skirts, skinny pants and high heels, the Louis Vuitton fan reveals her beautiful legs and has nothing to envy to the stars in her top. 1 m 68 !

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