9 boyish hairstyle ideas

The very short women’s haircut has always been a source of inspiration and liberation. Between funky styling and bold color, cropped locks are being born again in 2022. The hottest hairstyles of the moment are alluring pixies, bobs, and inspiring cuts. Before your next appointment with the hairdresser, take a look at these pictures and decide which haircut suits you the most!

Ultra short haircut for women 2022 – what do Hollywood stars prefer?

Ultra short haircuts are especially popular among women of all age groups. In fact, even a man of small heights can give you a feminine and elegant look. They can also give you a lot of magic and grace. If you want something new, you can opt for a gorgeous multi-layered cut. The more layers you create, the prettier they are! Also, if you are brave enough, you can make your hair colored, which will highlight your charming eyes.

Very short haircut for women 2022

There are many celebrities who have adopted this short hairstyle. The latter is suitable for young girls, as well as older women. He can make the former prettier and prettier, and renew the latter. If you have a heart shaped face, a pixie cut with spiky bangs can really elevate your look.

The short layered hairstyle looks amazingly gorgeous. Layering can give your crown more volume. The right bangs can make your face appear slimmer.

Anne Hathaway and her short pixie cut with side bangs

Women's Ultra Short Haircut 2022 With Anne Hathaway's Side Swept Bangs

If you’re about to mimic someone’s look, why not steal it from your favorite celebrity? You’ve seen the beautiful Anne Hathaway in different lengths, and here she chooses a pixie cut that shows off her best features, while framing her forehead slightly. A well-accompanied long pixie with falling bangs is nothing but the best compliment to an oval face shape.

Karen Gillan’s bohemian cut and high, wavy bangs

Karen Gillan pixie bob with high wavy bangs

Karen Gillan also decided to go with a shorter haircut than usual. This pixie-bob version gives plenty of volume to the back of the hair, and to keep the perfect balance in the front, the actress opted to go for wavy bangs.

Women’s Ultra Short Haircut 2022: The Michelle Williams Cut With A Side Parting

Short haircut for women with a bang with a side parting Michelle Williams

Designers Michelle Williams know you can’t go wrong with a side-swept pixie cut. Although her audience is accustomed to seeing her with long and relatively full hair, this balanced and clean look impressed everyone.

Long pixie with short cut on the sides – the perfect Rihanna style

Long pixie with a short cut on the sides Rihanna

Sometimes you think someone should write a book about Rihanna’s transformation. This long fuse with undercut must be in the first chapter! The shaved sides make the dramatic top more voluminous, and the play of color draws attention.

jordan alexander haircut

curly haircut 2022 jordan alexander

The careful haircut of the “Gossip Girl” star is enough to convince us to choose a trimmer. If you’re thinking about getting a haircut, this winter might be the time.

Zoë Kravitz ornate pixie

Zoë Kravitz Women's Ultra Short Haircut 2022

Your eyes will likely be fixed on Zoë Kravitz’s pretty red lipstick look. But her pixie cut framing her face, which accentuates her features well, also plays its part with tousled short locks of black grainy for the ultimate in style.

Ultra Short Haircut For Women 2022: Lupita Nyong’o Afro Haircut

Short Haircut Idea For Afro Women Buzz Cut Lupita Nyong'o

It’s impossible to pick one of the “best” short hairstyles that Lupita Nyong’o has worn so well over the years. She honestly deserves her own gallery because this woman does magic with her natural hair. Can’t decide between an afro and a short haircut? Do both!

Scarlett Johansson’s Undercut Cut

Scarlett Johansson's super short haircut

This style gives us the wonderful vibes of rock chick! The top lengths are left dipped, while the underside is parted and worn short—either too short and squiggly for bravery, or softly cut and clipped for a more feminine feel. This style is surprisingly versatile thanks to the length of the top, which can be worn in any direction and in any fabric of your choice.

The Degraded Genie Short Story by Natalie Portman

Ultra short haircut for a decadent pixie smooth hair woman Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman’s short haircut is androgynous, perfect for a petite feminine face. Her hair is very short, including small bangs that are brushed to the side for extra softness. The short, easy layers give the hairstyle more interest and a slight sense of movement.

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