7 bold and pioneering colors that are going to make a big splash

The trendy cuts and hairstyles for Spring/Summer 2022 have already been revealed and there are plenty of surprises! From the octopus cut, which is making a major comeback to the square in all its forms, to the mexi cut… sure, the bold style will be in the spotlight this year. But how exactly to wear these hairstyles so that you are always in style? We will answer you right away: there is nothing like combining a trendy hairstyle with the hair color trend of 2022! But, what hair color will be popular in spring and summer? Our editors decode the seven shades that will be a buzz for the coming months.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends: What Are These Seven Shades That Will Seduce Us?

It’s time to let go of the winter blues and welcome the warm months as they should be. The best way to do this? Treat yourself to a new trendy hair color that catches the eye. But what color should be chosen for spring-summer 2022? Whether you prefer neutral tones or are ready to embrace a vibrant color that is out of the ordinary, there is something for everyone! Deavita.fr editors give an overview of the shades that will conquer the heads of modern girls. to focus!

strawberry brunette

Spring/Summer 2022 hair color trend strawberry blonde strawberry brown hair

Remember the strawberry blonde hair color that was all the rage last year? So, strawberry shades are making a comeback in 2022, but this time to enhance brunettes. If you’ve been following the new hair color trends on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that everyone is in love with strawberry brown hair color, more commonly known as the strawberry brunette. An exceptional combination of red, blonde and brown that will continue to seduce modern girls. To prevent your hair from looking dull, we recommend that you prefer hair care to get shiny and refreshed hair!

Brown ombre on black hair

Hair color trend spring summer 2022 shade of brown on black hair

There is no shortage of surprises in terms of hair color trends for 2022! And no, highlighted hair isn’t just for girls who want blonde ends. In 2022, we prefer an unusual transformation where the color changes from black to chestnut. To enhance this exceptional effect, we recommend that you choose a good hairstyle for dark hair like waves or a cool ponytail.

However, if the ombre effect is a drastic change for you, opt for Balayage instead – a technique that uses a more subtle color transition and will create the same effect.

Money Piece is the hair color trend of 2022

Hair Color Trend 2022 Spring Summer Money Piece

Money Piece is a coloring technique that allows you to highlight your natural color thanks to the lightening of one or two shades of threads framing the face. Thus, the photographer brings the sun and light not only on the hair, but also on the face. Guaranteed healthy glow effect! The biggest advantage is that the hair color trend of 2022 works on all hair colors.

brown chocolate

Trendy hair color spring summer 2022 intense chocolate brown

Looks like darker tones will be in the spotlight in Spring/Summer 2022. Here’s a shade that’s particularly hard to resist: a dense chocolate brown that will add texture to the mane. Lightening up the ends a little is a very trendy way to wear this trendy hair color. To pamper it to the maximum and enjoy it for as long as possible, it is essential to maintain it using styling products specially designed for dyed hair.

hidden coloring

New fashion hair color spring summer 2022 hidden coloring

Do you want to adopt a bright and bold color, but are not brave enough and prefer to wear it concealed? Is it possible? Yes, thanks to the concealer coloring aka “Underlight”. This technique hides color on the lengths and is invisible on loose hair. Feel free to choose your favorite shade or why not embrace hidden rainbow hair?

Colorful locks framing the face: a new hair color trend that is causing a stir

Spring/Summer 2022 hair color trend Colorful locks framing Bella Hadid's face

Here’s another trendy hair color that calls for daring and is not at all necessary to color your entire complexion. For the spring and summer of 2022, we’re putting color on the face-framing locks to embrace the flawless style of top model Bella Hadid. In terms of colors, all hearing is allowed.

pastel purple hair

pastel hair color purple fashion hair color

Here’s finally a lighter, super fresh shade to welcome the Spring-Summer 2022 hair color trend as it should! Pastel purple hair is bold, on-trend, and electric. The best part? This popular hair color will fade over time to a beautiful purple hue. It requires a lot of effort in terms of maintenance, but it’s worth it.

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