3 favorite (and super effective) treatments to refresh this summer

Summer isn’t kind to dry and damaged hair. Hair fibers are gradually weakened by wind, UV rays, and even salt water and chlorine. The key is feeling sometimes close to the straw and lengths getting more precise. Although there is no magic bullet for repairing split ends, moisturizing and nourishing hair before it breaks can make a big difference. At home, you can prepare a natural moisturizing hair mask with yogurt, or even a nourishing treatment with eggs and jojoba oil.

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But on vacation, we prefer the air conditioners and masks available in the market, which are easy to put in the suitcase. And among those we’ve written that we tested on fine and dry hair, 4 proved to be particularly effective.

Like Virgin Coco & Eve Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler

17,265 people were on a waiting list to start this treatment. Inviting herself in the Like a Virgin hair range from Coco & Eve, she especially joins in with Elixir Miracle, a multi-purpose oil, to the delight of fans of the well-worn brand.

Filled with hydrating and nourishing active ingredients, it is formulated to detangle, protect and facilitate styling without the use of silicone. Among its main ingredients are proven active ingredients: moisturizing coconut, protective rice proteins and nourishing and emollient avocado oil. It is linked to the antioxidant Moringa seed, which protects hair from UV-related damage.

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Our opinion on hydrating and detangling hair care like Virgin Coco & Eve

Attractive formula … and very effective. Coco & Eve’s special treatment melt texture penetrates easily (dry or wet). Immediately, hair becomes less frizzy, easier to detangle, and less frizzy. After several uses, it appears to be less dry, softer and gaining tone.

How to use it

Apply 1 to 4 pumps to wet or dry hair. It can be used daily.

Like Moisturizing and Detangling Care, Coco & Eve, €22 for 150ml
On sale on cocoandeve.com, sephora.fr, niche-beauty.com …

Nat & Nove Bio-Nourishing Mask

Nat et Nove Nourishing Marshmallow Mask Test.

Formulated for extremely dry, frizzy or frizzy hair, this mask may not be recommended for use on fine hair. However, despite its high content of nourishing coconut oil – the number one active ingredient in its formula – it replenishes the fibers without lubricating or weighing them down.

The main active ingredient in its Cosmebio 99 Certified Organic formula of natural origin? Organic Marshmallow Root Extract. Well known to DIY natural beauty enthusiasts – we find it, for example, in this homemade solid hair mask recipe – this active ingredient is full of virtues. It moisturizes, coats and detangles hair, leaving hair softer and shinier.

We saw in the Nat & Nove Bio Nourishing Mask

The efficiency is there. Easy to apply and rinse, does not stick to the hair fibres, even when applying a large amount of it. After drying, hair appears stronger, more toned and thicker without losing volume.

How to use it

Leave on for 5 minutes on damp lengths and ends. The mask can also be used as a day cream, applying a small amount to dry ends.

Nourishing mask, Nat & Nove Bio, 7.95 € for 300 ml
Offered for sale in supermarkets, hypermarkets, pharmacies and on the Internet (nocibe.fr, atida.fr …)

Aveda Suncare After Sun Mask

We saw in the Aveda Suncare After Sun Mask.

Perfect after the pool or the beach, this mask is specifically designed to strengthen and protect sun-exposed hair. its authenticity? Apply to the entire hair, from roots to ends. Composed of 90% natural ingredients, it highlights nourishing butter and vegetable oils (shea, coconut, tamanu, palm).

It also contains morikue™ protein, which restores weakened hair from the sun, and a blend of natural antioxidants (green tea, vitamin E and sunflower oil).

Finally, it protects the fibers from UV rays thanks to natural sunscreens derived from cinnamon bark and wintergreen.

We saw in Aveda After Sun Hair Mask

Nourishing, but not heavy, protective, but not greasy, it is especially pleasant to use thanks to its light texture and easy to rinse off. It makes hair soft, shiny and strengthens it without leaving residue on lengths such as the scalp. We used it every day for a week, after swimming in the sea and it completely protects our hair fibers.

How to use it

Apply the mask from roots to ends on damp hair and leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes.

After sun mask, Aveda, €34 for 125ml
On sale in Aveda salons and on the Internet (aveda.eu, my-origins.com, ba-eshop.com …)

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