10 famous women who chose a short haircut

Your hair story speaks for you and about you. It says something about who you are at the moment in your life when you decide to change your haircut or not. Crossing the threshold and adopting a short haircut for a woman in a “normative” society is a strong sign. But it’s also very good evidence of what we want to confirm. But there are short and short. Not all cuts are created equal, from the classic chic chic short to rock and rebellious cut, there is something for all styles. In addition to saving time on maintaining your hair, a short cut will also accentuate your features, whether you’re young or older! In the interview, whether you are a man or a woman, we all have the same question: How do we achieve the same result once on your own when leaving the hairdresser? Even if it looked less like him, we wouldn’t lie to each other, we could achieve a similar result. And what matters is how to maintain that hair. To achieve this, follow the advice of many experts as everywhere over here.

are you ready? Here are 10 examples of high-end celebs who got it done faster than you, just to give you some ideas.

To be a “beautiful sweetheart,” opt for Christina Cordola’s style. Every evening on the M6, she shows you that it is possible and so elegant!

Childish pieces like Charlize Theron or Kirsten Dust

Another kind of boyish cut thanks to Rihanna and her subtle ego

It’s a far cry from Dawson’s star-studded look: With her very signature style, Michelle Williams chose a cut that fits her well.

Miley Cyrus chose after all the hairstyles, like her idol Madonna. But short suits him well too

It fits Jennifer Lawrence and cuts it really well. She also changed her hair style a lot

Kris Jenner’s very short haircut

With her role as Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson is one of the most badass actresses of the moment. Her haircut suits these characters so well!

Alyssa Milano. Quite simply, no matter which cut is chosen, it has such a natural class

Ever since she was revealed at Madame posing as a little girl, Alyssa Milano has grown up in front of cameras all over the world. And with her, her style was improved and she always knew how to show great taste.

Lucia Bassanetti is where it all starts and her style is totally special

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