The series star assumes her hair is gray… and we love it


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Actress Paget Brewster posted a picture of her without makeup and her gray hair claiming that she no longer wanted to dye her hair to look younger.

The message of “Body Positive” as we love them. Actress Paget Brewster, the famous translator of Emily Prentice in the series criminal minds Post a picture of her Without makeup with gray hair on his Twitter account. The person the audience discovered in 1997 when she played Cathy in the series friends She decided to assume her hair was normal. ” I love my gray hairAnd the hung. I felt pressured to dye them, to pretend I’m 35, no thanks. I know we all have other fish to fry. It is a small battle to fight. But we all have little fights. Let’s start by being kind to each other, even when we disagree. please “. An initiative that was praised by many netizens as well as Melanie Linsky, who plays Shoda Sheridan in the series. yellow jackets. ” As someone who does nothing to really hide her age, I really appreciate your style.And the she answered. I hope these small individual decisions lead to big changes in a woman’s body image. and your hear is nice

Initiative against age discrimination

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This anti-age stance echoes that of Sarah Jessica Parker, who was angry at the social pressure women are under in relation to their ages. She was criticized for her physical appearance when filming the second season Sex and the CityThe actress who fully assumes her gray hair responded to her critics in an interview with the magazine Vogue magazine.

“It’s as if people don’t want us to be completely age-compliant because they almost appreciate that we agonize over who we are today, and by naturally choosing to age and not look perfect, did you argue. We want you to do something if it makes you feel better. I know what I look like. I have no choice. What will I do about it? stop aging? faded? “.

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