The gendarmes in Eure found the owner of the accident but they are still looking for the victim

Usually, the investigation begins after the victim is discovered and then we look for the culprit, but this time the opposite. The gendarmes found the owner of the accident, but they are still looking for the victime. Recently, several reports reached the military about a traffic accident. man walking around Black Audi A4 registered in Poland Hit a cyclist In the district of Newburgh and Grand Burgtherwald. Maybe in section 80, but without certainty. The accident could have happened Between Tuesday 8 March and Wednesday 9 March 2022. The Evreux Prosecutor’s Office has opened a judicial investigation.

Head impact sign on car windshield

The victim will be woman over sixtywho walked next to a bicycle equipped with wheels. But so far, investigators have not recognized her. The driver of the car was arrested and taken into custody. At first he would stop to help the victim, according to the testimonies collected by the gendarmerie, but for the rest, His explanations are puzzling. A judicial source confirms. He burned his car, but observations made on the remainder of the car confirm the shock: there is a sign of a head impact on the windshield.

The gendarmerie broadcasts an appeal to witnesses on social media.

The problem is that we do not know what happened to the victim of this accident. There was no call to the emergency services that day, no trace of an accident of this kind in the Gaza Strip hospitals, and no disappearance reported to the authorities. Therefore, the gendarmerie responsible for investigations in the Research Department in Rouen are looking for witnesses who saw the car and its driver, A man in his fifties, 1.65 m, with dull complexion and gray hair, Or this cyclist on the side of the road. Investigators are also trying to find out if people are concerned about the sudden disappearance of a neighbor, for example. It can be a “backpacker” or someone who lives part of the year in Eure, and the other part of the year elsewhere in France or abroad. At this point in the investigation, the gendarmes do not rule out the hypothesis that the man, being held before trial, could have made this woman and her bike disappear. If you see something or are concerned about the disappearance of an acquaintance or a neighbor, contact the gendarmerie closest to your home or call

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