Kate Middleton’s trick to keep her hair out of her face

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for doing her own makeup on her wedding day and for being so thoughtful about her clothing choices. Fresh skin, a flawless outfit and dreamy hair are truly Kate Middleton’s daily assets. In all circumstances, she remains perfectly composed and her hairstyle does not move the hair. But how does she keep her hair in place on busy days like hers?

Famous hairstyle of Kate Middleton

in every appearance Kate Middleton, its appearance is analyzed in millimeters. And for good reason, she inspires many women around the world. When you’re wearing a dress, from a designer or from a consumer brand, it’s very fast in stock. This is called “Kate effect“.

All appearances prove it. Prince William’s wife Always on the cutting edge of fashion and style. Her transformation is always on top and her little tricks spread like wildfire among her fans. Fashion, cosmetics, behavior … everything goes well with her for daily inspiration for a new make-up or a stylish dress.

She is particularly known for her iconic hair: her hair is brown and slightly wavy, often loose. By framing her face, her natural air brings youth and vitality to her petite face. to her poetic nature It allows her to be kept loose without looking neglected. Finally, her hair forms beautiful waves that move with the wind and its movements.

Kate Middleton’s hair stealing trick

During public appearances, it is surprising how Kate Middleton’s hair stays in place and never flies over her face. It seems almost magical. In fact, it is not, and you will see, his trick is very simple. When she goes out and is exposed to the wind and the sun, she simply puts on her husband sunglasses On his head, like a headband.

If this is a gesture that we easily adopt in summer, we must not give up when the sun goes down or hides behind the clouds. On the contrary, it should be considered a real style and a practical attitude. Your pair of sunglasses instantly transforms into a beauty accessory. Get out your headbands and other clips, a well-chosen pair of sunglasses and voila: your hair stays in place all day long! This is one of the hairstyle ideas that you can steal from Kate Middleton!

Stylish and practical, this trick from Duchess of Cambridge It is applied immediately to accompany you all summer, in the city as well as on the beach. All you have to do is arrange your hair and choose the right sunglasses.

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