Fragility of hair: its causes and what to do to strengthen it?

Like our skin, our hair can be victims Overly aggressive actions or a unhealthy lifestyle and lose flexibility. Less resistant, they become coarse and brittle. Fortunately, this is not death! Find out the right gestures to maintain your hair and quickly find strong and radiant hair.

Test: Is my hair healthy?

We often associate hair loss with split ends and brittle hair. However, the hair loss It’s a normal phenomenon, don’t worry Hair reaches the end of its growth cycle. We’re talking about split ends when the end of the hair gets damaged and starts to split. On the other hand, brittle hair falls out from abuse, sometimes long before its life cycle is over. They have lost their strength and flexibility.

To see if your hair is healthy, or to check the extent of the damage, Hold one of your hair on the scalp or ends between your thumb and forefinger. Pull it up a bit. If the hair resists and does not break, it means that it is healthy. On the contrary, if it collapses at any level, it is said to be “brittle” and thus weakened.

Why is my hair brittle?

Hair does not become brittle overnight. The lack of suppleness in general explains the lack of sebum, which protects the hair and skin from external aggressions. This lack of fat can be linked to several external factors:

  • excessive or overly aggressive brushing;
  • too tight hairstyles;
  • chemical treatments (coloring and straightening);
  • use hair dryers and curling irons or straighteners;
  • excessive friction in winter (scarves, hats, etc.);
  • regular exposure to chlorinated or saline water;
  • etc.

Other factors eventually desensitize the hair, which eventually becomes brittle:

  • lack of keratin (and therefore protein);
  • menopause ;
  • the pressure ;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • water shortage
  • smoking;
  • poor diet
  • Major nutritional deficiency.
  • etc.

Have you decided to restore strength and vitality to your hair? never b Reconnect with your hair type and quit your bad hair habits. Limit:

  • use of a heat source (brushing, straightening, curling, etc.);
  • chemical treatments (smoothing, coloring, etc.);
  • too frequent shampooing, especially when it is based on parabens, sulfates or even alcohol (dry shampoo will be your best ally to get rid of shampoo);
  • vigorous brushstrokes or blow-drying of hair;
  • etc.

However, if you can’t do without accessories, check it out Keep your distance from your hair dryer (20-30 cm minimum) and Prefer devices with tourmaline plates, Avoid exceeding 150 degrees. If you can’t do without it, bet too vegetable colorsAny natural colors made up of plants.

superficial hair repair

If damage occurs, you can always compensate by providing special care to your hair. choose A shampoo adapted to the nature of your hair, known for its restorative and nourishing properties. Also align the conditioner side, which is essential to detangle the most rebellious hair and reduce the risk of breakage. The last touch? Intensive treatment, once a week, apply as a mask or in an oil bath. For added effectiveness, feel free to leave it on by wrapping your hair in a hot towel to make the active ingredients penetrate more effectively.

How to treat damaged hair naturally?

Some natural techniques can treat brittle hair. You can bet, for example, on vegetable oils:

  • pure argan oilRich in fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E.
  • fresh coconut oilVery useful to add shine and nourishment to your hair.
  • vegetable olive oilRich in Vitamin E and known for its regenerative properties.

For best results, feel free to Mix these three oils before they leave at least two hours, once or twice a week. Then wash your hair with your usual shampoo. Other oils and vegetable products have also proven themselves:

  • Wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, baobab oil, or even avocado oil.
  • butter such as shea butter, mango or murumuru butter;
  • powders such as henna, shikakai or kachur sugandhi;
  • Bamboo is rich in silica, which increases the speed of hair growth, reduces sebum secretion and promotes moisture balance in the scalp.

Focus on proper nutrition

A balanced diet contributes to hair health more than anything else. Bet on sunny and colorful foods: proteins (meat, fish, eggs, legumes, etc.), red and orange fruits and vegetables (carrots, peppers, melons, apricots, etc.), seafood, vegetable oils, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.

Which vitamin for brittle hair?

Supplements can also restore strength and shine to your hair. You can bet on keratin food supplementFormulated naturally by the body, it promotes hair growth. In one month’s treatment.

The Food supplement containing vitamin B It is also effective because it is involved in the regeneration of hair cells. In one month’s treatment too.

Finally, the Food supplement based on Brewer’s yeast It is generally recommended to treat brittle hair. A month-long course of brewer’s yeast will help you perfectly take care of your hair.

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