An Angel Award nominee makes a bad noise after her controversial statements

by johnnyc

– Posted on July 18, 2022 at 19:25

Jelena Dokic is no longer a scandal. Today, the reality TV star ignites the networks with the next controversy. The result: angry fans and a resounding bad noise.

The last time we heard about her, in the spring, Jelena Dokic assumed her infidelity before she went public with it “relaxation” in plastic surgery. Finally, does the reality TV star realize the damage to the scalpel? it was nothing. The reason for this “downtime” was very simple: lack of money. Since then, the influencer has been somewhat conservative. The young woman was revealed in 2016 at The Revenge of the Ex, where the young woman jumped: The then-Marseillais, Consecration, Angels from 2019. Without a doubt, the former waitress had promised a bright future. but thanks Infuriate the audienceShe could put her career at risk!

In her latest wave, Jelena Dokic opted for Instagram. In an unambiguous post, let’s face it, out of nowhere, she frankly stated: “I need a half-breed baby”. why ? How ? We won’t know more than that. For only clarification, a photo of two dark-skinned children, one of whom has braided hair. She is Belgian of Serbian and Croatian descent, and of course, mixed ethnicity. But from here to schedule an ethnic casting for the father of his future children (the father one imagines, according to the photo, is of African descent), the cork has to be pushed a little further. Let those who are shocked be reassured: the web is looking for this kind of provocation, and commentators hastened to Go on Twitter.

Jelena Dokic at the heart of the turmoil

Sarah took the infamous post, a screenshot to back it up. In the suspension, acid attack: “No, but the #telereal girls who think the baby of the angel is a fashion or even an accessory”. Unsurprisingly, the reactions merge, reminding us in passing that the influencer doesn’t just have fans. “She really wanted a Muslim man to call him a terrorist, we’re nowhere near that anymore”handles the user. Another adds: “Like her dog, which she used as a fashion accessory before giving it to a friend and returning it whenever she felt like it.” In general, the majority of comments denounce Consumerism pushed to the point of paternity. It remains to be hoped that Jelena Dokic will choose the father of her children for love, and not for the color of her skin!

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