Unrecognizable, this criminal superstar is making a big change and unleashing fan votes

Paget Brewster, star of the series criminal minds, Posted on Twitter with her gray hair. A way to suppose to charm his fans.

“I love my gray hair. I felt pressured to dye it, to pretend I’m 35 again, no thanks. We all have other fish to pick up, I know. It’s a little battle to fight. But we all have little fights. Some, even when we disagree. Please.” On July 12, Paget Brewster posted a selfie on his Twitter account. And not just because it’s the first time she’s ever appeared in public with her gray hair, without dye, as she notes in the message accompanying the photo. The 53-year-old actress is best known worldwide for her role as Emily Prentice in the detective series criminal minds, Available in full on Disney+ for six seasons. The audience first discovered her on the screens in 1997 when she played the role of Cathy in the fourth season of friendsa young woman over whom Chandler and Joey are fighting.

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While she just returned for season 16 ofcriminal minds After the series was purchased by another production studio in the United States, Paget Brewster decided to make this physical change in the final days of his own life. And bear the passage of time on her hair. Pick clapped with both hands by another actress. Melanie Lynskey, who plays Shauna Sheridan yellow jackets, replied: “As someone who does nothing to really hide her age, I really appreciate your style. I hope these small individual decisions lead to big changes in a woman’s body image. And your hair is wonderful. “

Paget Brewster fans were also quick to respond to his tweet with a few words of encouragement and hundreds of compliments. “I also love your gray hair! Welcome the passage of time, you are beautiful”Someone said. Several women responded to his message by posting pictures of themselves with undyed hair.

Paget Brewster follows in the footsteps of Sarah Jessica Parker

Paget Brewster isn’t the first actress to raise her voice against looking young at all costs. Especially in an industry where appearance is key. In the summer of 2021, Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed without her knowledge on a New York balcony. His gray roots were clearly visible, then the Internet praised his “courage” in showing himself as such. I’ve since made it clear: There is nothing brave in just getting old.

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