This is what the ‘perfect’ man and woman would look like according to an analysis

What would the “perfect” man and woman look like?

The folks at the men’s drugstore tried to find out by using photos of the world’s 50 sexiest men and women (voted by Glamor and Ranker readers) to create the “sexiest” (or “sexiest”) face for males and females. Physically perfect”).

The male face is a mixture of famous men:

Including British actor Tom Hardy, former footballer David Beckham, actor/rapper Riz Ahmed, boxer Anthony Joshua and Thor (also known as Chris Hemsworth).

The average female face is dozens of female celebrities:

From Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Queen of Dragons Emilia Clarke to stars Taylor Swift and Rihanna.

Let’s just say it’s probably not the most scientifically accurate way to determine the “ideal” face, nor does it specifically represent universal “ideals”, but it might give a good appreciation of what Western culture considers attractive.

But while there is a lot to be said for the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some features are seen as objectively attractive.

Several studies indicate that we tend to prefer more symmetrical and even average faces. According to a 2013 study published in the journal Evolution & Human Behavior, both men and women consider men with thick beards to be the most attractive, although this may be a trend rather than an evolutionary preference.

The perfect man and woman
Picture of Pixabay

Another study showed that beards become less attractive the more they are present in men, which may explain fluctuations in the shape of facial hair.

However, studies have shown that it is our environment, not our genes, that is most important in shaping our idea of ​​what is attractive. This suggests that our idea of ​​what is beautiful will expand as people in Hollywood, and the media landscape in general, become more diverse.

To see how flexible our perception of ‘beauty’ is, one only needs to look at history. In the Elizabethan era, women routinely wore poisonous white lead to appear paler, while in ancient Greece women used eyeliner or soot to create the illusion of one eyebrow.

During the Heian period in Japan, a woman’s beauty was determined by clothing and by the length, thickness and luster of her hair, not her face.

Regardless of your genes, there are things you can do to look more attractive, like wearing red. Otherwise, you could retrain to become a cook or a nurse — two jobs considered the most attractive, according to dating site Badoo.

Here are the results:

The perfect man and woman

The face of the “perfect” man. Men’s pharmacy

The perfect man and woman

The “perfect” female face. Men’s pharmacy

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