The host is having an affair with a married woman? “My heart will explode…”

Stéphane Plaza does not tell his life story to anyone who listens to it. However, this time, he’s at the bottom of the hole and needs us! We tell you everything!

Stefan Plaza, at worst, thinks about the worst …

dear readerObjekoDo you think Stephen Plaza has changed? Honestly, except for a bit of white hair and a beard that fits him perfectly, we think he hasn’t aged a bit. One thing is for sure. Not tomorrow the day before he makes headlines with his wife and kids. Keen to maintain his intimate relationship, he was never explicit about his inclinations towards the fairer sex and for men. Why leave room for doubt every time?

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Remember, his attitude towards sweetheart Laurent Ruquier got fans talking! When asked by Hugo if he likes him, he hosts Looking for an apartment or house gesture. And when he asks her for proof of his affection, he backs down. What a funny behaviour! Why would he totally want everyone to like him? TeamObjeko I even noticed it in his shows. Clearly, Stéphane Plaza can’t help circumvent our curiosity. By force, we lose our Latin! Without further ado, we give you some keys to deciphering his character!

Stefan Plaza, Half Angel, Half Demon!

We just got close to him, but Stefan Plaza regularly puts on his red nose. When not in disguise, he errs at the speed of light. For example, in this video with his best friend Karen Le Marchand, he proves to us that he has more than one trick up his sleeve. We even blow it up inside to stop a bit, it just doesn’t hold up. In fact, this gloom will completely reduce the efforts of a presenter Love is in the meadow boiled! Who can stop him and appease him? The puzzle remains! He seems to constantly feel compelled to highlight his little self. This is madness !

Currently, Stéphane Plaza is a member of the boards. Every evening, he gives 100% so that his audience will not be disappointed with the trip. When the curtain comes down, the crowd gets up and applauds for several minutes. In general, this moment of happiness is enough to calm his demons. However, when she regains the coolness of her dressing room, the nightmare begins again. Why is it so different when the cameras are off? Objeko It has an element of explanation and would like to introduce it to you without delay!

Oh, it stings!

Dyslexia is an invisible disability, and it causes confusion in patients. Furthermore, until Stephen Plaza admitted it, we didn’t know that he suffered from it. This manifests itself in problems with coordination of movements. Therefore, we will understand without being told that his famous mistakes were not planned in advance. Not meant to be clumsy. Instead of locking himself in a titanium casing, he decided to run it. Soon it will become his trademark. At the beginning of 2022, he overtook Nagui and Jean-Luc Reichmann. From now on, he’s the French’s favorite animator…and no one would venture to say otherwise! Does he accept this reward to be happy?

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Among our colleagues, we were told that Stéphane Plaza has a string of stories without a future. Sure enough, Cupid puts her in his sights. However, he falls under the spell of the wrong people. When she is not a candidate, she is a married woman! No, he definitely lost his luck. Noting that he is unable to start a family, the facilitator loses his patience. He writes one evening out of deep chaos. ” We may be surrounded, often feeling lonely. Feeling lonely and incomprehensible in front of people. »

He realizes that he is on the edge of the abyss. “My head will explode, my heart will break this deep and invisible pain” The only way he has at his disposal Control unit“It is love.” AgainstIt’s a beautiful feeling that enlightens my soul [et] Giving birth to small butterflies in the abdomen It comes mostly… from his fans! “I go to bed sad and wake up happy, thank you.” Don’t worry, we will always be by your side and know the opposite is true!

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