How did you get the pioneering look of the 60’s and 70’s?

Are you an old soul? Do you love outdoor music festivals, drinking beer with friends on the warm green lawn and watching the sunset? Do you find yourself dreaming of another era? When you think of good music, do Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, and Janis Joplin come to mind? Well, we have a surprise for you today! Summer makeup trends are filled with creativity, but this trend has remained far from the spotlight. Why don’t you update it? The dazzling brilliance of rainbow colors and the majestic simplicity of the whole are more than just enchanting. Without further ado, let’s see what a female hippie makeup looks like!

The trend of women’s makeup hippies for the year 2022!

The ’60s and ’70s were the heart and soul of the hippie movement. Their message was love and their style was great. Lately, we’ve found ourselves copying makeup, clothing, and hair trends from that era, but also from the ’90s and 2000s. We can say without a doubt that these styles are timeless. Do you want to be Twiggy or Stevie Nicks in the modern era? Do you want to have a dazzling look wherever you go? The DeaVita team love the old fashions and come up with some pretty makeup ideas to brighten up summer nights and make you happy and glowing!

psychedelic makeup

Dope eye makeup

What is the essence of the hippie movement? Notorious drug use. Furthermore, you don’t have to dynamically listen to Jimi Hendrix ringtones to find out. Hippies loved and encouraged the use of hallucinogenic drugs to “stumble” and expand their consciousness. In fact, we strongly advise against applying it, but why not apply it to your own style? Lately, psychedelic designs have been rife in clothing stores, urban runways, and of course, Coachella! Putting them on your makeup will make you look fashionable and…cool. Yes we said it, let’s move on. There are many patterns that you can copy from the Internet. Use bright colors like green, red, pink, blue and yellow and go!

touch of rainbow

Fashionable makeup 2022

It’s not an authentic hippie makeup look, but it is strongly inspired by that period. Hippies thought only of love, colour, music and freedom. Express your perfect dream and bohemian spirit with makeup and dazzle everyone who looks into your eyes. Open your palette and start experimenting with bright and vibrant colors! Life is too short to be boring…

Authentic female hippie makeup: frosty makeup

70's makeup

Do you want to feel like you are in that particular era? With the arrival of the disco scene in the ’70s, makeup became bolder and more glamorous. Frosted eye shadows and vibrant colors were everywhere! And while this look calls for a more special occasion, it’s still very wearable! The essentials are: bold eyeshadow color, dramatic eyeliner, and minimal mascara. Lips stay neutral in peachy pink. You can add some face jewelry for more glam and experiment with the liquid hair trend, as it is heavily inspired by the ’70s.

big eye effect

How to make your eyes bigger with makeup

How do your eyes get bigger? If you come across a movie called love witchYou will see fashion and makeup inspired by the 60’s and 70’s.It is a great inspiration if you are interested in clothes and makeup in this special way. To get the famous big eye effect, you’ll need white eyeliner! Apply makeup as you wish, before applying mascara, outline your lower waterline. White will make your eyes appear much larger.

Photo Gallery: Hippie Female Makeup Ideas

70's makeup

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Seventies Female Hippie Makeup: Natural…or Almost.

60's hippie makeup

colored eyeliner? We say yes!

Sixties makeup

What are the trends of summer 2022 makeup?

Trendy eye makeup 2022

Fun, colorful and gorgeous…a must-have for 70’s makeup!

70s Hippie Woman Makeup

Hippie chic is always a hit!

psychedelic makeup

Opt for a more natural ’60s makeup look like Gigi Hadid.

Gigi Hadid's natural makeup

Hippie makeup for women in the 70s: Dare the colors of the sunset!

'70s hippie makeup

what are you waiting for? Take your board! at work !

How to do face makeup

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