Fringe in the summer: advice from a professional

The fringe adds style to the hair and emphasizes personality. However, in the summer, it can cause difficulty for the wearer, because of the intense heat that weighs it down and makes hair greasy faster.

Fortunately, there are good reflexes to adopt in order to stay in control, even when the thermometer panics. Olivier Lebrun, hairstylist in the studio at the head of the salon Olab Pariswe share it Professional Gestures To Keep A Nice Fringe When It’s Hot.

Trim the bangs at the hairdresser before the holidays

Before packing up and flying in the sun, we’re considering making an appointment with our hairstylist for a bit of scissors that will allow us to cool off for at least two weeks. What style should be adopted? Summer is better Avoid straight bangs with a clean, full cut, as they will be difficult to maintain and will keep you especially warmWhen the temperatures veer away, we prefer subtle, subtle bangs. No need to strive for the perfect fall and bangs that wear to the finish, the slightly unstructured side of summer is welcome.

If the eruptions grow too fast,Be sure to cut it yourself‘The professional insists.’ Wherever you are on vacation, you can always find a hairstylist who can do the job. ”

No hairdresser in sight or no appointment available? You can also wear bangs that are a bit longer than usual, in a curtain fringe style that is adaptable to all face shapes.

Hide the margin by just exposing yourself to the sun

We don’t necessarily think about it, however, we soon end up with a stretch An ugly tan trace is imprinted on the forehead if you don’t take the reflex to lift or flatten your bangs when exposed to the sun. “It really happened to clients,” says Oliver LeBron. “In the evening, after a day at the beach, you pull your bangs back to make a bun and you end up with a white rectangle on your forehead!”

To avoid this unpleasant scenario, clips and other headbands are our best allies. The hairstylist advises: “The best thing is to wet the bangs with a UV protective spray and then pull it over the rest of the hair, either back or to the side and flatten the bangs.” This is also the reason why it is wise not to cut your bangs before you go on vacation: a minimum length will make it easier to style and work with them.

Candid tips for upgrading bangs

Fringe fans know this show all too well: When hair shines a lot, all you have to do is tilt your head under a faucet, quickly rub your fringe with water and voila, you’re done! Good or bad habit? “It’s true that we generally advise against washing your hair too often to avoid re-greasing it too quickly or irritating the scalp,” our expert acknowledges. “But When wearing bangs, it’s OK to wash them daily with a small drop of a mild shampooespecially in the summer, when you sweat a lot.”

Can’t express shampoo be used? The good old dry shampoo trick works, too. On vacation, you can take a miniature copy in your bag and paint this anti-glare weapon as soon as possible…but without abusing it either. When used in excess, this troubleshooting product can end up choking on brittle hair.

Another alternative: Refreshing hair wipes. Star Sam McKnight hairstylists especially offer micro-cellulose wipes specifically designed to clean bangs and roots that tend to get greasy quickly.

Maintain volume in bangs with powders

For fine hair, which can have issues with flat bangs due to perspiration, Olivier Lebrun recommends using a bit of volumizing powder to give hair texture and some gentle movement. “It should be applied in moderation, only at the level of the fringe,” explains the hairstylist. “We particularly don’t spray the product all over the head, to prevent the roots from becoming sticky and leaving an irritating effect on the scalp.” For good targeting, you can also put a little volumizing powder on a brush and make the fringe work as well.

Besides, let’s remember that Brushing your hair regularly is an excellent reaction, regardless of your hair type : It ventilates the hair and removes all the small accumulated dust that can weigh down the ends of the hair during the day.

Let your bangs live

And if we tap into the sweet summer frenzy to dare styles and hairstyles that we won’t necessarily let go of for the rest of the year? For those who are used to smoothing their hair, it’s time to take a break from irons and other blow drying brushes, which also tend to dry out and damage hair.

today, Curvy bangs are more fashionable than everIt’s time for freedom! So we stop worrying about it and let our hair live its life. Of course, a minimum of precautions are required: curly hair that is drier by nature, care must be taken to keep it well maintained in the sun, with maximum hydration and nourishing treatments that will allow you to show a beautiful and very supple fringe. The haircut is also important: During our pre-holiday meeting with the hairstylist, we talked to him about our desires for summer hair so that he adapts his scissors accordingly.

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