This piece, which sells for 3 euros, is a miracle, according to experts

For every little hair problem we have the miracle cure. Whether to fight oily roots or dry ends. On the other hand, if there is one thing for which we do not know an effective solution, it is electric hair. So far, we’ve been satisfied with applying a little oil to our lengths or a fine mist. But that was before I encountered this stunt tik tok

If we ever have trouble finding the solution to fight electric hair, a young woman has a crazy idea to run to the kitchen to find the thing that can save us. Under a video of a TikTok influencer, a young woman left a comment advising her to use aluminum foil on her hair to improve it.

Aluminum foil against electric hair

Surprised by this tip, Lauren (@Laurentpreble) tried this technique and seemed instantly convinced. The young woman takes a large sheet of aluminum foil, folds it in half and passes it on her hair. Instantly, all hair that sticks out of its box is automatically flattened. Then her square becomes completely smooth and flawless. embarrassed !

@laurentpreble Reply to beachgirl364 are you kidding me!!!! Thank you very much 😍😩 #tinfoil #statichair #HairHack #holycrap ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

It seemed so unreal, many young women have reproduced this technique in turn on TikTok and the results are still compelling. The solution against “bad hair days” has been in our kitchen all this time. Unlikely! This trick does not cost much. In the supermarket, a roll of several meters is worth about 2 or 3 euros. Effective and inexpensive!

How it works ?

But how can this be explained? It is simply scientific! Like a magnet, aluminum foil attracts static electricity from the hair and then retains it. It’s so stupid, however, we never thought of it before!

Sure, TikTok is full of good beauty tips. A few weeks ago, it was a completely different hair care product that caused such a stir. The Color Wow’s Dream Coat was revived by celebrity favorite Chris Appleton. The artist showed how amazing and effective this product is. In fact, it has the ability to make hair completely waterproof. And add a little water to the hair to see the bead drops on the lengths.

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