Sims 4 Years High School: Between sexual orientation and studies, we tell you everything!

After the last package werewolvesEA Games and Maxis just announced DLC content coming to The Sims 4. And it won’t be long since the high school years become available at the end of the month, July 28 on PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S, and will be available for €39.99.

Many fears are felt: the sense of deja vu with the extension into the university. So, does this stretch smell warm? We tell you right away, in this preview!

What are the promises of this next downloadable content?

This downloadable content will allow players to finally see behind the scenes by watching the life of a high school student. With this extension, teens will have a lot of activities to do until they graduate. The latter will be able to establish relationships with other Sims, explore their identities, create and refine their tastes, but also participate or not participate in lessons. Note that high school grades can affect the quality of college performances, so it will likely be interesting to create different scenarios to see how far our Sim can go.

In the next expansion, you’ll be able to follow your teenage sim directly in class and direct their every move: attend class, study for an exam, decide to skip class or what to eat in the canteen, try their luck at a promotion and more. Thanks to the new tool that will be added when the extension is released, you will be able to manage the daily schedule of teenagers.

Whoever says high school, obviously says quarrels, love affairs, friendships and rivalries. Thus, pranks and bad deeds can be done, but not to the point of harassment. The developers wanted to highlight this aspect, because it is true that the question may arise because you can surround the locker of other Sims to make fun of them. However, relationships will not only be based on competition, as new feelings, such as admiration, may arise. These upcoming relationships provide a more teen-oriented experience, and new ways for NPC Sims to express their feelings independently.

The social life of teens will be very important, because social networks will help them create or strengthen bonds with other Sims. This extension is somewhat similar to the one called “In University”, but you will be able to manage your Sim a lot more than the old ones.

Sims 4

What are the real novelties of this extension?

In terms of novelties, Teen Sims will be able to participate in a selection of activities: cheerleading, dancing parties, creating fashion effects, interacting on social networks, emphasizing their sexual orientation or clothing styles. In fact, the tastes will be more embodiment of teenagers, because they may choose to like a certain style of clothing and hate others.

But the most important point is your Sim’s sexual orientation; In fact in the Create a Sim tab, you will now be able to choose the attraction your Sim can have: male, female, being romantic exclusively with men or with women, decide whether to explore romance as a teen, etc.) . Speaking of Sim’s tastes and love preferences, the developers also added teens’ fears and desires. They may have a desire for success or a fear of fire. This way, your Sim will be more realistic with well-defined tastes and desires.

Sims 4

Sims 4

As always, new hairstyles and different outfits will be added to the game, with specific styles for your teen ranging from wall decorations to furniture and even the door. However, that’s nothing compared to what will happen: hair and hair growth in your Sims. You will now be able to choose whether or not to add hair to your legs, back, chest and arms. That is, hair and hair are now growing, so the “hair cut” or “shave” feature will be added. Then finally, new aspirations will be available for Teen Sims: live fast (Live without worries and without rules), llama drama (drama, all the time!), fan icon (popular and influential) and goal oriented (Be the absolute best with good grades, sports, and money).

* We don’t have the official terms in French yet

There will still be many new features coming in this next expansion, some of which will be meant for teenage simulation games fans. However, there will be a few that can be used for adult Sims.


Even if this expansion focuses on teens, they will be able to take advantage of new features that will help them be more realistic. It turns out that expanding into the high school years is very promising and has a lot of surprises in store. We could have thought of copying and pasting the À la fac extension, but it’s not!

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