Which woman is hiding behind the new, feminist and inspiring Barbie?

Mattel just revealed the new Barbie. Feminist and inspirational, she swapped out her sequined dress for a jungle outfit. The woman inspired by her actually lived for several years with chimpanzees.

Inspirational and feminist model

In recent years, Mattel’s iconic Barbies has taken another side. Young girls can now play and design fashion dolls that are not bleached blonde, anorexic and with extra long legs. The brand wants to present them with inspirational and feminist models.

Eyeglasses around the neck, shorts, a beige T-shirt, a wristwatch, a low ponytail and brown hair: new Barbie is revealed on July 13, 2022. It’s inspired by a woman who actually exists. Can’t guess who it is? Hint, it is sold with a plastic chimpanzee.

Jane Goodall and Barbie Doll – @Mattel

Jane Goodall Barbie

This is Jane Goodall, the famous British ethicist and anthropologist who lived among chimpanzees in Tanzania. An initiative that makes the world happy: I’ve been suggesting for a long time that girls don’t just want to be movie stars “.” Many of them, like me, want to be in nature studying animals “.During my childhood, there were no female models. My heroes, and my role models are Tarzan, Dr. Doolittle… There were no women doing the things I wanted to do » Reports Huffington Post.

In addition to being “inspiring” to young girls, Barbie is made, according to the brand, from at least 75% recycled plastic. We would have liked Mattel to go even further by donating a portion of the profits to an association that fights for the preservation of monkeys, but it’s already a first step. This doll is a new model that comes after Maya Angelou, Queen Elizabeth II, Helen Darroz, Friedaz Kahlo, Katherine Johnson, Amelia Earhart, Billie Jean King, Ella Fitzgerald, Florence Nightingale, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sally Ride or even Rosa Parks.

Artwork: Barbie Jane Goodall © Mattel

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