In the daily life of the joint emergency chief between Verneuil-sur-Avre and the Monaco Grand Prix!

Dominic Martin, her eyes are on the lookout… © ABS

it’s a real medicinal salad Who we met in his den at the center of the hospital Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure). If the place is quiet that morning, there is no reason to go wrong, it is a place where a number of tragic fates often unravel.

End of life or rebirth, saving or leaving, this is what is decided in the daily life of this public health service, the subject of much debate. Health has been undermined today in hospitals by the Covid-19 epidemic, and in regions due to shortage of doctors.

Who lives the race inside the “driving car”

Head of Emergency at the Monaco Grand Prix May 2022
Head of Emergency at the Monaco Grand Prix May 2022 (© DR)

He has a discreet, gentle and diagonal gait for someone who is slightly overweight. We guess his eyes are on the lookout hiding behind the hair falling on his face.

When he speaks, his voice is calm and sparkling, he cuts or dresses many of his sentences with “let’s be clear.” He is said to be a “wonderful man”, or that he is “not a good leader, but simply a leader”.

He didn’t say anything, he just acknowledged the compliments. Well, yeah, he says he has an old flair when it comes to the music he loves 80s disco. Same when it comes to his readings, his medical journals and mostly and above all, the technical journals on trains, locomotives and railroad life. Old things a little outdated.

Absolutely strange for a speed-loving man who for twenty-five years has been a leader, chief, and chief of the Emergency and recovery service for all Formula 1 Grand Prix races and rallies in Monaco.

Whoever saw the race inside the “driving car” with his eyes hidden behind the hair falling on his face, he is ready to pounce. Urgency, always hurry !

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Motorcycle accident and will be an emergency doctor

Dominique Martin and his team in the emergency department at Center Hospitalier de Verneuil-sur-Avre
Dominique Martin and his team in the emergency department at Center Hospitalier de Verneuil-sur-Avre (© ABS)

A troubled first grader, a teenager with a passion for all science subjects, it was almost natural for him to start medicine.

The family is not of siraglio, but he loves others and is addressed by the Hippocratic Oath. During his studies he had a serious motorcycle accident. It hurts and suffers.

At that time we didn’t treat the pain like today, I had to ask the anesthesiologist what was needed.

Dominic MartinHead of the Emergency Department at the Hospital Center Verneuil-sur-Avre

But it was decided that he would be an emergency doctor. He has seen his career evolve. When you’re a young doctor, you want to save. Save at any cost.

A woman who just threw herself under the Paris metro has been rescued. “But her arms had to be amputated! Her life, which she was only suffering, as she went so far as to commit this gesture, must be much worse today! Not remorse, but questions.”

There are more comforting memories like that of a lady who calls him every first week of the year. Victim of a traffic accident, his heart was broken. The ligaments were torn, and his heart fell into the abdominal cavity: a dislocation of the heart. Medical imaging on board SAMU Fortunately, his condition was quickly diagnosed.

For Dr. Martin, this is a unique case. The woman was taken directly to the operating room and was rescued. We are close to a miracle!

Emergency Vaccination Campaign

Dominique Martin in his office at the Verneuil-sur-Avre Hospital Center
Dominique Martin in his office at the Verneuil-sur-Avre Hospital Center (© ABS)

Dr. Dominic Martin is proud to receive the medal from the City of Verneuil. It is the result of cooperation with the mayor Yves-Marie Rivamal, as well as the head of the drug laboratory that he heads.

Very quickly with the advent of the first wave, the two men would develop a protocol. They complement: “He worked in emergency medicine, I work in biology, it’s my changing pride! »

together, They created a group on WhatsApp. “To get to know each other better, to discover each other,” with all the players on the field, whether private or public, managerial or operational. Then everything happened very quickly. ” We ran our first PCR tests as early as January 9. We were the first in the department. »

The vaccination campaign can begin immediately.

We have also rapidly developed in-home hospitalization to ease service congestion. The official recommendation came later.

Dominic Martin

The series worked perfectly. How many lives were saved? He does not prefer to answer this question, but he emphasizes that many patients did not develop serious forms of the disease thanks to vaccines, and the virus lost its potency, wave after wave. ” We survive CPR, but at what cost ! There is always suffering and complications and then the packages leave their mark. »

Responsive, efficient and organized

The emergency doctor must be reactive, efficient, organized and above all able to adapt to all situations.

This applies even more to the head of the department. For thirty-two years now, Dominic Martin has had the world of health in an emergency situation. It’s in bad shape. The City doctors are increasingly rare.

In the emergency room, we’re not there to hang out, but when someone comes to the emergency room, it’s the hospital’s duty to provide care, and it shows!

Dominic Martin

The 41 flash measures

The 41 measures to spend the summer presented by the Minister of Health?

“I don’t know how it will happen, there are procedures full of common sense, some news, others dating Roslyn Bachelot (Minister of Health between 2008 and 2010 Editor’s note). But how is it set up…”

The shortage of doctors is certain: “It is not just a story Clausus numberWe need more students, but how do we expand the stands in universities, how do we push the walls? » The contribution of foreign doctors is a good thing“They exercised at home with fewer resources than we have here. They have good experience in medicine.”

And on the question of medical ethics, “Let’s not forget that they were trained by French doctors!”

Here at Verneuil there are a series of Three additional physicians would be welcome to ensure the biology. Dominic Martin is not particularly worried, the relationship with the hospital administration and management is in good shape. They are managers for sure, but they are first and foremost aware of the function of a hospital. »

What benefit will I bring him?

In the world of emergency, the future is in the present. Intervene, flee, and you no longer see suffering. This is the goal. And always ask yourself in front of a victim, a patient, what benefit will I have for him? »

The relationship to pain has changed a lot over time, especially in the field of surgery. Before, ” We thought the pain was necessary to understand the symptoms and get the correct diagnosis. »

Huge advances in medical imaging have gone hand in hand with those in anesthetics and pain relievers, whether morphine or derived from other molecules. ” Pain no longer serves anyone “.

listening to patients

In the emergency department, one inevitably thinks of death.

admit it. Society’s point of view has changedEuthanasia and aggressive treatment give rise to debates that are now recurring and unique creed HE: You have to listen to the sick. »

Those who know they are experienced enough to state that one should not necessarily seek to save “at any cost” ask society to continue to question itself and consider other end-of-life perspectives. But always respect the person’s choices.

Moreover, at the end of his career, Many emergency physicians turn to palliative care. It is no accident. Death should not be considered either a failure of resuscitation or a failure of treatment, it is a part of life, and the doctor always has a role to play.

Don’t confuse urgency with haste

Everything in life is not urgent. But there is always an urgent need to live. In order not to waste the present, Dr. Dominic Martin likes to keep his life as a married couple, his family life, as well as his physical and psychological resistance, in Brittany, on his boat to put down and raise oyster traps.

Take your time to live before you save your life!

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