Gay community tear off their hair to get a monkeypox injection

“Monkeypox vaccination on September 8, and until then abstinence.” On Twitter, Lewis chose humor to downplay the situation. Because like him, many people from the gay community struggle to find an appointment to get immunized against monkeypox virus.

Monkey pox: Should we fear a massive epidemic?

However, they have been part of the priority audience for vaccination since it was recommended by the Supreme Health Authority for men who have sex with other men on July 8. An opinion the ministry immediately announced followed to deal with the rise in cases in France. A few days later, health authorities reported how many doses were available.

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Filling 7500 doses from the national stock

According to the latest information from the Ministry of Health, vaccines began arriving on Wednesday, July 13, to 70 vaccination centers, with an intensification in the coming days. In detail, 7,500 doses of the national stockpile of monkeypox vaccines have already been phased out, according to Dr. Clement Lazarus, of the Directorate General of Health.

These responses, considered late and unclear, are severely criticized. Many people lose eligible for vaccination.

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So they must be able to find a suitable place despite the ambiguity of the information. It often goes hand in hand with patience. Eric, who lives in Paris, the area where the majority of cases are, did everything to get an appointment. without result:

“I spent Monday sending emails and calling the 10 vaccination centers in Paris. Bichat answered me only to tell me they were already full and there was nothing they could do for me. Another center made me an offer, to get an appointment in the middle of the day, when I work. Should I To request an RTT so that I can be vaccinated? »

‘Very afraid of contracting the virus’

Others are willing to lie, fearing that they will be denied a potion if their situation is not considered critical enough. Many expect dosing to be rationalized, due to a lack of stocks. “I was able to get a hole in a week… by lying like a tooth puller. I said I was immunocompromised, a double contact preserver… I left my tears on the phone. I’m not proud of that, but I am so afraid of getting monkeypox,” Etienne is entrusted to “l’Obs”.

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Covid, monkeypox, Lyme… Are we doomed to suffer from zoonotic diseases?

Then there are those who do not find a suitable place. Tyler, who lives in Lille, doesn’t have a date yet. Even if he spent the week there. “I called the ARS on Monday. Then Tuesday morning. Finally in the afternoon a doctor called me to tell me that no strategy had been put in place. My only option was to go to Cegidd in Tourcoing, two hours from my house. But I have no chance of being vaccinated there: They don’t even have enough doses for the patients they’re actually treating.”

While waiting for a center to open in Lille, Tyler lives in fear of getting monkeypox. The young man, who suffers from autoimmune diseases and long-standing bacteria, rarely leaves his home as a precaution. I’ve been avoiding meetings since the first cases in Hauts-de-France, three weeks ago. And I began to feel irrational fears, an itch. If there is real support, I will be reassured. »

See you in ten years

That fear of the virus, Mayle, 26, shares: “I am so afraid of getting monkeypox, and I don’t see anyone until I get vaccinated. But there, I called a center in Paris and the first hole I could get was… on September 12th. It’s hell.”

“We don’t know much about monkeypox, we must overreact to avoid a new global disease”

Lewis also found a suitable place only in September. The only information he got is thanks to his relatives. I tried to contact the hospitals listed on the ARS website. I have not received any response to my emails and calls. A friend told me about Bishat Hospital. It’s a little bit by means of the net that we give to each other. I even saw prevention on a dating site. The state doesn’t really talk about it, it reminds us of the AIDS years. »

Sequel after the announcement

An alarming lack of information from the authorities. Internationally, the WHO’s Emergency Committee planned to meet on July 21 to define a health strategy to combat monkeypox worldwide.

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