Awesome kids hairstyles arrangement

If Stranger Things isn’t lacking in on-screen monsters, we can say that the hairdressers that Netflix employs in the series are even more ruthless. Thus, they did not hesitate to highlight the young actors with shocking hairstyles, especially in the fourth season. Here’s our ranking of the cuts from the most successful to the least satisfactory for kids.

But before that, a few explanations are necessary to clear up some ruthless hairdressers. After a three-year wait, the fourth season of Stranger Things has finally come to an end. The young actors all grew up and the team had to deal with their growth. Trying to hide their growth, it seems that the team has She ordered a lot of wigs, extensions and bangs in a clip. Here is the final classification of the hairstyles of the characters of the series.

Lucas sports the best haircut in Weird things

Lucas played by Caleb McLaughlin puts fresh air with his counterpart Excellent fit. Moreover, some celebrities of recent years like Khaled wear the same look.


Of all the Stranger Things actors, Finn Wolfhard is the one who plays sports A difference in his usual haircut. The only real difference is the straighter and precisely cut bangs. She makes him look like the guy you’d find in kombucha bars in east London.

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Sadie Sinks has Pretty much he kept his red mane. This season, she simply tied it up with duct tape. His character Max here is age appropriate and timeless. It could also be because of her sweet little angel’s face.


This role, played by Gaten Matarazzo, loves his hat. It seldom takes it off so much that we have to imagine what’s underneath. Those few curly tendrils sticking out at the back look so cute. However, we had She preferred to see those braids framing her face in previous seasons. Sadly, the curly-haired science genius from Stranger Things comes in at number three on our list with his current haircut.


In the fourth season of Stranger Things, Eleven appears with Clip in very fake bangs. Millie Bobby Brown really deserves better.

Poor Will inherited the worst haircut in Weird things

Will has had a hard time since day one of Stranger Things. It’s no surprise that he ranks first for whoever has the worst haircut. He had to go through all these seasons with him Variations of the famous bowl wig cut.

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