All gray-haired Genshin Impact characters

While some of the characters in Genshin Impact wear sunset brown locks, or perhaps the emerald hair of the rolling fields, only the truly distinguished characters have hair with a silver sheen. Gray is the color of industrial steel, the clouds are high, the wisdom of the times.

In color theory, it is often associated with elegance, mystery, and pure neutrality. Come join us as we list all the gray haired Genshin Impact characters.

Every gray-haired character in the Jinshin effect

First, let’s move on to the list of gray-haired playable characters.

Gray hair playable characters

Arataki Ito

Image via HoYoverse

The portrayal of Arataki Itto as an oni may attract the attention of some, and his carefree attitude attract others, but the real source of his charm is his gray hair. Contrary to popular belief, Itto’s silver hair is the real reason HoYoverse made him a five-star character.


Image via HoYoverse

Bennett is a four-star character in search of adventure and treasure, although the real treasure may have always been his dusty gray hair. Although her hair has a hint of blonde, the prevalence of gray allows her to sneak up on this list.

kidhara kazuha

Image via HoYoverse

Kazuha is a five star character and her attacks are as graceful as the clouds passing over her, which coincidentally are also gray. Kazuha’s spotted strands remind us of an elegant pigeon, which would also have been included in this list if it were Genshin’s character.


Image via HoYoverse

Klee is Teyvat’s five-star demolition expert, who is visually communicated through her gunpowder gray hair. She chose to complement her hair color with silver feathers on her hat. Great choice, Kelly.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Ningguang is a four-star character with geographical powers and stone gray hair. While her visual design is beautiful and her participation in the Liyue community is inspiring, it’s the gray color that sets her apart from the other characters in Genshin Impact.


Image via HoYoverse

Noel is a four-star character who dreams of joining the Knights of Favonius, as evidenced by her armored gray hair. It’s amazing how much narration can be revealed by a single color – the developers at HoYoverse are truly geniuses.


Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Razor is a four star character who was raised by a pack of wolves. We understand why the wolves took him for one of them, because of his silver hair.


Image via HoYoverse

Sarah is a four star character and is Raiden Shogun’s assistant, which unfortunately was not on this list. Sarah’s styling alludes to a raven, and while her mask isn’t enough for us to make that connection, her gray hair really does come into play.


Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Sayu is a four star character who is also a mysterious ninja. Although she might have wanted to keep this fact a secret, the gray-haired shuriken would reveal it. Sorry Sayo.


Image via HoYoverse

Shenhe is a five star character who has been kept in a shelter by a divine crane. Her hair still bears the memory of that beloved crane, with its pearly sheen.

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Image via HoYoverse

Xiangling is a four star character who is also a chef. Despite her delicious dishes, the main reason the Genshin Impact community remembers her is because of the dark gray locks she possesses.

Unplayable gray hair characters

Now, let’s cover the NPCs who also have gray hair.


Image via HoYoverse

Arlecchino is one of the Fatui Harbingers, who uses the unfortunate codename “The Knave”. This may be because his hair is not completely gray, which indicates his disloyalty to a cause.


Image via HoYoverse

Seno is a character from Sumeru District. He was modeled after the Egyptian god Anubis, as evidenced by his greyish-grey hair.

human being

Jinshin Impact IansanImage via HoYoverse

Iansan is another upcoming character, although details of his origins have yet to be announced. In this regard, his gray hair lives up to his “mysterious” color theory.

Lenny and Lynette

Jinshin Impact Linen LinateImage via HoYoverse

Lyney (left) and Lynette (right) are two upcoming characters in circus costume. Perhaps they chose to work as a team because of their gray hair color match.

Mrs. Payne

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Madame Bing is a likable figure in Liyue, famous for her admiration of the foliage of the region. She’s wearing silver hair that matches the Glaze Lilies that she loves so much.


Image via HoYoverse

Paimon is the player’s travel companion, humorously known as “emergency food” for the traveler. Can you blame the traveler when her hair is as gray as fresh salmon?


Image via HoYoverse

Pierro is the first mysterious member of the Fatui Harbingers. His motives may be morally gray, but his hair is only gray.


Image via HoYoverse

Pulcinella is the infamous fifth member of the Fatui Harbingers. Although he may not have made the list at a younger age when his hair had color textures, at a later age he managed to sneak into this list.

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