A year in prison for “poisoning” his ex-girlfriend’s pants

Victim’s lawyer says it’s a ‘funny when you’re abroad’ case…

The victim’s lawyer says it’s a “funny file when you’re out”, “but it doesn’t actually contain anything funny.” The facts remind us of the seriousness of the case: while the couple separated, the man broke into his ex-partner’s house to hide the cameras in the wall, directed towards his room and living room.

The man also installed rods to hide electrical wires and make the process undetectable. He can watch his ex-girlfriend’s every move from his cell phone, including her antics with her new partner.

Defoamer and Tabasco

In addition to video surveillance, he also came twice to soak his ex-lover’s panties with corrosive products.

Armed with gloves and a hairdryer, the 50-year-old used a mixture of an anti-moss product on the stands, garnished with “Tabasco drop” diluted with water. The mixture caused “extreme pain” to the victim, as his skin peeled slightly at the time of the accident. The aim of this maneuver was to make his ex-lover believe that his new sexual partner had infected him with an STI, so that she would leave him and come back with him.

At the beginning of the hearing, the accused asserts: “I was madly in love with her, and I wanted her back.” He is full of praise for how his ex-lover helped her through difficult times. The 50-year-old already has a wife in the Czech Republic, who suffers from incurable cancer.

However, when the victim is called to testify in the tavern, his attorney is obligated to act as a buffer between the traumatized young woman and the accused. “I’m scared,” the young woman breathes, “I didn’t expect him to hurt me.”

out of revenge

“All this is the flute, there is an absence of interrogation,” said the prosecutor, who is worried about the possible “criminal danger” of the man and needs to be imprisoned for two years. “He went as far as possible in capturing someone,” Orlan Yawang repeats.

At the end of the session, the accused admitted that he was “obsessed” and that he wanted to take revenge on his former lover out of the jealousy that he expressed to other people. Despite his lawyer’s request to amend the sentence and avoid imprisonment, the fifty-year-old was unable to convince the judges that he would no longer harm his former lover, who lives in fear of further reprisals.

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