Transgender management by Elliot Paige by The Umbrella Academy

Elliot Page revealed his transgender identity several months ago. In the series The Umbrella Academy, his role has also evolved according to this revelation.

Elliot Page is an Academy Award-nominated celebrity actor, star of the X-Men franchise and the Umbrella Academy series. After her trans identity was revealed in December 2020, fans wondered how much this affected her career.

In fact, in the previous two seasons of Umbrella Academy, this actor played the role of Vanya Hargreaves. But the series was able to brilliantly manage the actor’s transition. Thus, in the third season that was released on June 22, the actor returned to the screen Like Victor Hargreaves.

The evolution of Elliot’s role from Vanya to Victor

The Umbrella Academy series took Elliot’s character from Vanna to Victor Follow the real life of the actor. Remember, this academy is made up of six people with unique abilities or superpowers. They were raised by Reginald Hargreaves, an eccentric crime-fighting millionaire. This family, however, argued and broke up. In the previous two seasons, Elliot played Vanya aka Number Seven.

Vanya is first seen finding love in Sissy, a single mother living in Dallas. In the first episodes of season three, Elliot Vanya She still appears with her long hair and partially feminine attire.

At some point, she entered a salon, cut her hair, and changed clothes. He returns to the family and declares “I am Victor, I have always been.” It’s her brothers’ reaction that makes this special sequence. They accept him as he wants and continue to interact with him as they did with Vanya before.

Number one wants up Celebrate the exit of the number seven To make Victor understand that he is loved. Number five then asked Victor if he felt loved. When the latter answers him yes, five say to him: “Good because it is true.”

Reasons behind The Umbrella Academy’s flawless treatment of Elliot Paige’s trans identity

The fact that the show has managed to deal with this trans identity is significant because it does not force the trans man to play the role of a woman. The series showed that he respects the choice of this actor in real life. she Accepts the decision and gender identity of Elliot Paige It was seamlessly incorporated into the narrative. The Umbrella Academy is particularly distinguished on this point.

It showed that when a person reveals their trans identity, they do so He does not ask for celebration, but for acceptance. We can certainly celebrate the passing of a transgender person, but only if that person wants to. Otherwise, let her live her life as she wants.

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix. If you’re done with it already, find out what other shows to watch in our selection of new releases for this month.

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