This hair trend will be adopted this year!

It’s the 2022 trend that traverses all seasons. summer and winter cocoa blonde Also called blonde coloring, it enhances our skin tone and brightens our beautiful appearance. Between the intensity of shimmering brown and the light of satin blonde, say goodbye to gray face and dull hair, be sure!

Then this year, who doesn’t want to renew? So we bet on head changes and hair styling without an iota of hesitation. and he cocoa blonde Which imposes itself on the field of beauty: it is our best ally, and it is he who will give us a boost: in the winter we wear it to catch the light and heat, and in the summer we have this “sun effect” before we even go on vacation.

We tell you absolutely everything about this trompe-l’oeil color, how to wear and maintain it, but above all why would you dare this summer without moderation…

Blond Cocoa: Chewable vanilla chocolate color.

It’s the color that totally makes us crave… Like vanilla and chocolate ice cream, we wear this color to make our sweet hearts break. This color has it all: it gives us softness, reflections, highlights, silkiness, deep and complex effects … the fan.

coloring cocoa blonde It’s totally art: it’s a story of happy middle ground and a perfect blend of two opposing colours. So trust a professional and go to your stylist, they will be better able to blend textures for more than one successful result. The hardest thing about this color isn’t maintenance or daily wear, but the right balance between ash blonde and chocolate brown.

If you feel up to the power to defy hairstyling laws, try the homemade cocoa blonde, but if you’re not too bold, put the mane of your dreams in good hands! The hardest thing about this chocolate vanilla coloring is not to turn too brown or too blonde with the risk of making this basically 100% natural coloring too superficial. with the cocoa blonde We are in a natural setting, in an authentic mood. We have a darkening effect naturally, we darken a chocolate brown and pretend nothing happened with 1001 sunny shades! The key: an irresistible sense of luxury.

Cocoa blonde: the color everyone agrees on!

Whether we’re playing the chic beach girl or hanging out at the office: cocoa blonde is for everyone. Short, maxi lengths, medium length hair, layers, blond or brown base…this color is agreed upon.

The idea is to come in and create depth in the hair and slightly separate it alternating between brown and blonde. Let’s take the example of the cute heads with which we’re outrunning networks and get started.

For information, the cocoa blonde It has also recently been called mouse hair. If you are also feeling lost, don’t panic! In hair trends, a very broad vocabulary is used to describe color. Therefore, between mouse hair, blonde, cocoa blond, just remember this: the result will be a wonderful ash-chocolate.

We admire those who dared turn it down to perfection: Josephine Skriver, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel or Taylor Swift. And we envy Hailey Bieber’s new look. Falsely neglecting her blonde mane and mid-shoulder cut, she stands carelessly on the webs. We think she came back from an intense tanning session when she saw her look enhanced with her mouse-haired hair. with Moses or cocoa blondeWe’re fooling the eye, we’re playing on the light, we’re real Sunbath. What is the secret that all hairdressers carry? We play on a lighter shade on the lengths and a darker shade on the base for a simply stunning effect.

Cocoa Blond: How do we wear it every day and maintain it over time?

To wear this perfect blend of darker and lighter tones, first analyze your base with your hairstylist.

If you have a blonde head, a dark and iridescent patina will upgrade your hair nicely cocoa blonde ! And if you have a chocolate brown color, then it will be necessary to highlight and brighten and why not try the tie in tinting to get an amazing result.

Compared to other spots, the cocoa blonde It does not require long-term maintenance. It is enough to keep shadows and highlights, so choose blue or purple shampoo. But re-pigmentation shampoo or shade care is still a must. We especially recommend optimum maintenance before our next visit to the hairdresser, The rating formula with 10 ingredients to gain elasticity over time, Leonor Greyl’s re-pigmentation treatment and AURA’s copper-pigmented mask.

So, seduced?

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