The seven French athletes to follow in Eugene

Two years before the Paris Olympics, the elite of French athletes want to make their mark. The World Championships will be played Friday 15-24 July in Eugene (Oregon) and several tricolor games can do well. After a lackluster Tokyo Games, with only Kevin Mayer returning as the medalist, Team France intends to restore business order. Between champions with multiple medals, high potential, and young shoots determined to carve out a place on the podium, franceinfo: a sport that showcases the workforce.

Quentin Bigot, primrose

In athletics, some barriers are symbolic. Quentin Bigott, the 2019 vice world champion, exploded by throwing his hammer over 80 meters at Feuerbach on May 29 (80.14 metres). In the process, Messin This was followed by another high-flying competition improving his best to 80.55m in Chorzow, Poland on June 5. These performances make him one of Eugene’s worlds favorite.

On his way, two big pieces could frustrate his plans: Polish world champion Paul Wadek and fellow Olympic champion Wojciech Nowicki. The two men actually defeated Quentin Bigot this year during the Diamond League in Paris. A competition where confinement seemed more hesitant (78.12m) and where his competition was punctuated by bubbles (When the hammer ends its course in the cage net, synonymous with 0 points). However, the Frenchman knows how to outdo himself in the championship, and he was the one who unexpectedly stuck in fifth place in Tokyo last summer. What tickles the French record of Gilles Dupre (82.38 metres)?

10 Works by Kevin Mayer

Like Ulysses, Kevin Mayer’s saga is a river tale, peppered with (very) beautiful battles and sacred glitches. If we resume the TV series in place, the Olympic vice-champion is dwarfed by an Achilles tendinitis which, combined with contracting Covid-19 in January, cost him a good portion of his winter (indoor dead-end worlds). The Habs were still running on a slow jog at the beginning of the summer: a stalemate in the French elite, no decathlon finished this year. The world record holder just passed a header in the Paris Diamond League, with a jump of 7 m, 38 m, weight of 15 m and weight (he lost in the 110 m hurdles because he did not work in training). far from better performance.

Despite this truncated year, “Keke la ember”, the hercules of Tokyo, despite the sagging back, does not have to fight for the bottom line. qualified through In his classification in Tokyo, the Frenchman only had to focus on his preparation for Eugene’s worlds. Kevin Meyer enjoys great independence in his project and also reorganized his staff, separating him from his lifelong physical trainer, Jerome Simien, who has been with him since 2013.

In Eugene, the world record holder will serve as a … competitor. The board is up. Between Canadian Damian Warner and Americans Garrett Scantling and Kyle Garland or young Ashley Moloney, they all came close to 9,000 points, the holy grail of decathlon. I’ve never seen a level like this before! It’s unbelievable what’s going on (…) I, I have to arrive injured and see myself challenged for the gold medal” the athlete explained in columns the team. The Frenchman, who just turned 30, has not crossed the 9,000-point barrier since 2018, at Talence, when he won the world record (9126 points).

Rénelle Lamote, the wheel spins…

To lead this French team, the vice European 800m champion, Rénelle Lamote, was among the leaders. She’s racked up multiple Diamond League medals this season, and made her bottom line in Rome in early June, following Olympic champion and favorite of these worlds, Athing Mu (1’58”48). In Caen, the track double lap specialist retained her national title with a canon time of 1’58” 71 at the end of an explosive race.

But Rénelle Lamote’s trajectory in the major tournaments is a depressing story. In three World Championships and two Olympics, the young woman played only one final, although her world ranking gave her hope for a medal.

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Cyrena Samba-Mayela, confirmation in the legs

Crowned world champion this winter, we saw her drenched in emotion in Belgrade (Serbia) after winning the 60m hurdles. Cyrena Samba-Mayela became the fourth French woman to win the world indoor title after Marie-Pierre Duros (1991), Muriel Hortés (2003) and Eloise Lessur (2014).

At 21, residents of Lille Athletics He enters the World Championships in Eugene with his new status as a leader, but with a certain lack of experience. sIn the 100-meter hurdles line, the French face huge competition while the best in the world were absent in Serbia. While she has passed the milestone in half a season, the young woman is still in the learning phase, having only played three Diamond League encounters throughout her career. In Paris, she had set a convincing time at 12″76, finishing fourth in a race won by Nigerian Toby Amosan (12″ 41). Young woman aims to emphasize.

Sasha Chuya and Only Kwau Mathi, American dream

phenomenon Sasha Chuya, 20, could shine, too. The peroxide-haired prodigy fought his 110-meter hurdles in 13 inches and 17 at the French Championships in Caen, the sixth-best tricolor performance of all time. What to get through after experiencing so many physical disappointments this season (cramps, meniscus crack).

At Eugene Worlds, the French-Australian knows he’s under scrutiny. Junior world champion and world record holder in the category (12″ 72 on 0.99m hurdles, versus 1.06m for seniors), Sasha Chua is curious and looks like an outsider. A young man can be surprised by his exponential progress, whose record improved by three tenths in a month.

He wouldn’t be the only young man to dive into the deep end for the first time in the world. At the age of 22, Just Kwau Mathi will also compete in the 110m hurdles. At Charletti, the Normans broke their own record (13″ 27) to take the coveted third place.

Pascal Martineau Lagarde infallible

If the young goalkeeper intends to shine, Pascal-Martinot-Lagarde is far from hanging tapes. At 30, the hurdler, who ranks fourth in Tokyo, has recovered from a right calf injury and is going through the ups and downs season. Unconfirmed until the last minute in the Paris Diamond League “PML”. He finished his race in 13″ 55. Not his best time, but enough to stretch his legs and reassure himself on the tartan.

The French record holder in the 110-meter hurdles (12′ 95) has a job.It’s typical of slow seasons at first but massive once it’s released. In 2018, he had pubic, in 2019 mononucleosis, then he suffered from several physical glitches. However, during these same years, PML built one of the best records in French athletics. Three-time Vice Indoor World Champion (2014, 2016, 2022), European champion in 2018 and bronze medalist at the World Championships in Doha in 2019, Pascal Martinnot Lagarde knows how to raise himself when the time comes. The left hamstring is not in great shape, but you almost consider that a good sign…

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