Escape from Bab Mamadou Sik: Explanations drawn on the poetry of the prison administration

Issued by a referral order on June 29, 2022 in Rebius remand detention center by the investigating judge of the Second Cabinet near the Dakar High Court, Bab Mamadou Sec, also a presumed member of the “special force” who escaped from the special ward of Aristide Le Dantec Hospital where He was admitted for treatment on the night of July 9-10. This escape sparked a lot of reactions, forcing the prison administration to hold a press conference to remove any ambiguity and satisfy the need for communication. Inspector Mbaye Sar, reading the statement, began by recalling that a person could voluntarily risk severing the bond of imprisonment by escaping from the correctional institution in which he is being held, and we are talking about this case of escape, which is a crime. stipulated in the Penal Code and punishable.

“In this particular scenario we are with Babi Mamadou Sec’s escape. Upon his arrival at this institution, he underwent arrest procedures and a medical examination in accordance with the regulations. Only two days after his stay in Rebius and due to his health condition, he was transferred to the residence and correctional wing of the Aristide Le dantec hospital in July 1, 2022 based on the hospitalization bulletin issued by the hospital. The treating doctor after the approval of the head of the prison administration,” he told the press. Before continuing: “The sole purpose of this transfer was to ensure better health care. On entering the ward and throughout his imprisonment, Pape Mamadou Sec benefited from constant medical observation in compliance with the recognized right to health of the prisoners. He benefited without interruption from all the aid his state of health required. Fortunately, on the night of Saturday 9 July to Sunday 10 July, he voluntarily broke the bond of detention by escaping. Accordingly, and in accordance with the regulations governing the organization and operation of penal institutions, a report was sent to the administrative and judicial authorities, and the search mechanism was started and is continuing.”

It must be said that to clarify the circumstances in which the escape occurred and to determine the responsibilities, an administrative investigation was opened and entrusted to the Inspection Department of the Prison Services without prejudice to possible legal actions if necessary. Nevertheless, the population is called upon to cooperate better in order to reintegrate the detainees.

For the record, Bab Mamadou Sek has been placed under an injunction on charges of conspiracy against state power, acts likely to cause political unrest threatening public security, solidarity of criminals in connection with a terrorist enterprise, destruction of state property, possession and transportation of incendiary materials and living with intent to commit acts related to an enterprise terrorist.

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